Friday, June 18, 2010

Another year for me and you

Only one day left 'til FREE Stoogemania at Yonge-Dundas, so I couldn't be happier to locate these holy grails in the 8/28/69 ish of the Voice today.

Oh yeah, LED ZEPPELIN just happened to play there a few days earlier, 8/29 and 30. The links have better images of the ads and other artifacts from the shows.

Lots more Pavilion and many other '69 ads to come. Sorry to bisect them like this, but the little Google Archives viewing window doesn't accommodate the full length of these particular ads.


Corry342 said...

Who were Raven? Can you imagine being the lead guitarist in Raven, watching Buddy Guy, Larry Coryell and Jimmy Page in their primes? He probably switched to bass after this concert.

Corry342 said...

And is if MC5 and The Stooges weren't enough heavy madness for one afternoon, it turns out that the third band (in small print at the bottom of the Zep ad) was an apparently legendary Memphis band called Moloch.

Apparently acid drenched blues rock, Moloch featured a guitarist named Lee Baker who played with Alex Chilton, and their only album was on Stax (!) and produced by Don Nix. For some more see

I love where the MC5/Stooges ad says "Bring A Blanket And Sit or Dance Or Just Walk Around." As if.

Anonymous said...
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Signed D.C. said...
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Signed D.C. said...

I think David Peel & the Lower East Side were involved least according to an old WFMU aircheck I once heard. See the 9/23/2005 post for a "transcript."

Steven Pearl said...

I was at that MC5/Stooges show! It started out with David Peel & the Lower East Side doing an amusing acoustic set, then a nice blues band from Memphis called Moloch (they were kinda like a Jr. Allman Brothers Band) did a real fine set, then the Stooges did abuot 15 minutes of whatever which climaxed (or anti climaxed) with Iggy diving into the audience to deal with a heckler. Then the MC5 came out featuring a bearded Rob Tyner and made lots of noise for about 90 minutes. I was 13 and had a great time!