Friday, June 04, 2010

1967 Ads: The Cheetah

Selected Cheetah ads. Voice issue dates and other pertinent info in the captions.

1/19/67 issue: Wilson Pickett and the Magnificent Men, presented by Rocky G. and Frankie Crocker, Sunday January 22.

4/27/67 issue.

This copy came from the 8/17/67 issue, but it appeared regularly for several weeks that summer.

8/31/67 issue: Joe Tex on September 4 (I think); The Bit A Sweet and the Showstoppers, August 31-September 6 (I think); announcement of upcoming Chicago and L.A. locations.

9/14/67 issue--this ad appeared several times that autumn.

10/19/67 issue: The Box Tops and Procol Harum on October 29.

10/26/67 issue: The Box Tops, October 29 (apparently Procol Harum cancelled). The Jewels and the All-Night Workers, October 26 to November 1.

11/30/67 issue: Psychedelic Christmas Tree Happening on December 12.

12/14/67 issue: The Kaleidoscope, starting December 12.

12/21/67 issue: Announcement that Hair moves from the Public Theater to the Cheetah.

12/21/67 issue: New Year's Eve with Mike St. Shaw and the Original Prophets, the Dave Heenan Set, the Scarecrow, Band of Gold. Hair opening date is listed in the fine print as December 22.

UPDATE 11/15/2011:  Please see the revised and improved post on 1967 Cheetah ads here.

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