Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1967 Ads Revisited: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part Two

5/4/67 issue:

5/11/67 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

5/18/67 issue:

5/25/67 issue:

6/1/67 issue:

6/8/67 issue:

6/15/67 issue:

6/22/67 issue:

6/29/67 issue:

6/29/67 "Scenes" column excerpt.

7/6/67 issue:

7/13/67 issue:

7/20/67 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

"Scenes" column excerpt.

7/27/67 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

8/3/67 issue:

8/10/67 issue:

8/17/67 issue:

8/24/67 issue:

8/31/67 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc.:

5/4/67 issue: Norman Mailer party; Olympia Press (links to nearby article); a night at the Portofino; "Scenes."

5/11/67 issue: Robert Kennedy and Jacob Javitz tour the Lower East Side; "Scenes"; Michael Zwerin's Jazz Journal mentions Max's Kansas City.

5/18/67 issue: "Scenes."

5/25/67 issue: "Scenes"; "Pop Eye" discusses censorship in pop, the upcoming Sgt. Pepper and Monterey Festival, Bob Dylan's accident, Mo-Soul Studio in Harlem, Down East Studio on the L.E.S., and more; Jazz Journal on Sun Ra; Expo '67.

6/1/67 issue: "Grapes of Wrath '67: Hippies on the Road" (on the migration to the Haight--links to a nearby ad); "Pop Eye" discusses Marshall McLuhan; "Scenes."

6/8/67 issue: "The Youthquake and the Shook-Up Park" (Tompkins Square standoff); "Scenes."

6/15/67 issue: "The Power of Flower vs. the Power of Politics" and "People vs. Love People" (more on the Tompkins Square situation); "The Distaff on Skid Row"; "Scenes."

6/22/67 issue: "Pop Eye" on the WOR-FM anniversary show at the Village Theater, the S.F. scene, and more; Sgt. Pepper review; "Scenes."

6/29/67 issue: "Letter from Toronto: Throbbing Subculture on the Northern Axis"; "Pop Eye" on the Monterey Pop Fest; "Scenes" includes a review of Tom Sankey's appearance at Ondine.

7/6/67 issue: Electric Circus opening night coverage; Peace Eye Bookstore re-opening coverage; the Diggers in Detroit; "Scenes.".

7/13/67 issue: "Scenes"; "Jazz Journal" on Brian Jones.

7/20/67 issue: Newark riots (links to nearby article); "Fun City for Free"; "Pop Eye" on Sgt. Pepper; short Coltrane obit; "Scenes."

7/27/67 issue: "Hippies in Newark: Loving a Ghetto"; "Scenes"; Michael Zwerin on Coltrane; "Pop Eye" on Murray the K leaving WOR and other music gossip (links to nearby ad).

8/3/67 issue: Swami Satchidananda; "Scenes" (links to nearby ad); "Needle-In" V.D. testing in Tompkins Square Park; "Pop Eye" on manager Billy James (Jackson Browne was a client); Salvation Army cafe on MacDougal (links to nearby ad).

8/10/67 issue: Westbeth; "Scenes"; "Pop Eye."

8/17/67 issue: The Diggers go tree-planting; "Scenes"; "Pop Eye" on a Bobbie Gentry press conference and other music news (links to nearby ad).

8/24/67 issue: Mayor Lindsay tours Tompkins; "Scenes."

8/31/67 issue: Peter Max; "Scenes."