Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1969 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 1

A whole mess of '69 Voice ads for some other venues, clubs, bars, and discotheques, plus a few selected examples of non-gig rock & roll advertising that tickled my fancy.

1/2/69 issue. "Dynamite is on Coney Island Avenue off Avenue Z in Brooklyn. They wouldn't allow us any closer to the city!!!"

1/2/69 issue--Earth and the Cafe Wha?

1/2/69 issue--printed regularly through much of the year.

1/16/69 issue. I didn't know Lloyd Price owned a club!

1/30/69 issue.

1/30/69 issue. "Jacket and tie required"--squaresville!

1/30/69 issue--The Ballroom, Statford, Connecticut.

1/30/69 issue--Future site of Bette Midler's starmaking turn, but other types of entertainment were the main attraction at this point.

2/6/69 issue, and many more.

2/6/69 issue.

2/20/69 issue.

2/20 and 3/6/69 issues.

2/20/69 issue.

2/20/69 issue.

2/20 & 3/6/69 issues.

3/6/69 issue.

3/6/69 issue.

3/6/69 issue.

3/20/69 issue.

3/20/69 issue.

4/3/69 issue.

4/3/69 issue. The Group Image moved their regular freak-outs to ABC Stage City at 66 E. 4th Street, but they may have run out of steam shortly after this event. I saw no other ads or mention of them beyond this issue's "Scenes" column.

4/10/69 issue.

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