Thursday, June 24, 2010

1969 Ads: Action House

Selected '69 Voice ads for the Action House. Many touring acts would often squeeze in appearances here before, during, or after their engagements at the Scene, the Bitter End, Ungano's, or the Fillmore.

5/22/69 issue.

5/29/69 issue. Note adjacent ad with Emmylou Harris as a support act at Folk City.

5/29/69 issue.

6/12/69 issue.

6/19/69 issue.

6/26/69 issue.

7/3/69 issue.

7/10/69 issue.

7/17/69 issue.

7/24/69 issue.

7/31/69 issue.

8/7/69 issue.

8/21/69 issue.

10/23/69 issue.

11/27/69 issue.

12/11/69 issue.

UPDATE 3/15/2012:  Here is a revised and improved post on 1969 Action House ads.

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Unknown said...

Nice memories for me, played drums in Santuary we played many clubs on Long Island 1968-1969 of course the Action House as well!