Friday, June 25, 2010

1969 Ads: Ungano's, Part 2

Selected Voice ads for Ungano's, July to December, 1969.

7/3/69 issue. The "Riffs" column has a review of the previous week's Savoy Brown show.

7/10/69 issue.

7/17/69 issue.

7/24/69 issue.

7/31/69 issue.

8/7/69 issue. Note "Dylanology" ad; A. J. Weberman was also featured in that week's "Scenes" column.

8/14/69 issue: I guess those Vagrants gigs earlier in the year were that band's final gasps.

8/21/69 issue.

8/28/69 issue.

9/4/69 issue. The Kinks gigs ended up kancelled. Reviews of Mountain and Colosseum shows are in this week's "Riffs" column (can't link to article).

9/11/69 issue.

9/18/69 issue.

9/25/69 issue.

10/2/69 issue.

10/2/69 issue.

10/9/69 issue.

10/16/69 issue--bonus Ian & Sylvia at F.I.T. ad. Dr. John and Tony Williams' Lifetime reviews are in this week's "Riffs" column (scroll around, I had to link to a nearby Richie Havens ad).

10/23/69 issue. Huh? Are they referring to the Warhol starlet?

10/23/69 issue.

10/30/69 issue--slight Steve Miller Band misprint.

11/6/69 issue.

11/13/69 issue. This week's "Riffs" column has a catch-all review of several of the club's recent blues-oriented shows (again, scroll around, 'cause I could only link to a nearby ad).

11/20/69 issue.

11/27/69 issue.

12/4/69 issue.

12/4/69 issue. The Kinks did honor this date.

12/11/69 issue. Creedmoor State, named after a mental hospital on the Queens/Nassau border, changed their name to Plum Nelly after the Ungano brothers started managing them.

12/25/69 issue.

UPDATE 3/15/2012:  Here is a revised and improved post on 1969 Ungano's ads.

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JamesChanceOfficial said...

You are absolutely slaying me with these ad's. My mind is reeling trying to imagine some of these shows. Wow...thanks for your diligence in posting these.