Friday, June 15, 2012

1965 Ads: Part 4

10/7/65 issue:

This is the only Night Owl ad I could find.

10/14/65 issue:

10/21/65 issue:

10/28/65 issue:

11/4/65 issue:

11/11/65 issue:

11/18/65 issue:

11/25/65 issue:

12/2/65 issue:

12/9/65 issue:

12/16/65 issue:

Peter Crowley put on a big Max's Kansas City Alumni Reunion festival at Bowery Electric last weekend.  Here are some youtube videos and flickr pics.  Google around for more.

12/23/65 issue

12/30/65 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc.:

10/14/65 issue: "Jazz Journal" predicts that Jazz Rock might come to pass; review of Andy Warhol's first major exhibition at the University of Pennsylvania (links to nearby ad).

10/28/65 issue: Mailer on Lindsay (links to nearby article); "New York's Chinatown: Becoming Scrutable."

11/11/65 issue: "Village Square" column about bookstores as underground headquarters.

11/25/65 issue: "Village Accepts 'Historic' Tag"; review of James Brown at the Brevoort Theater in Bed-Stuy; "Jazz Journal" response to the Jazz Rock article.

12/2/65 issue: "The WBAI Affair."

12/16/65 issue: "Lindsay, Villagers Back Village as Historic"; "Whitey at the Apollo"--report on a Bobby Bland blues package show; Pete Seeger's "Non-Confrontation in Beacon, New York"; "Jazz Journal" on Miles Davis (links to nearby ad); pictures of the G.V. Historic District; review of "The Baroque Beatles Book."

12/23/65 issue: "Jazz Journal" on Sonny Rollins; "Notebook for Night Owls" on Mose Allison at the Vanguard.