Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1969 Ads: Concert Halls

Selected '69 Voice ads for shows at houses that normally catered to a different kind of longhair audience.

2/20/69 issue: Screening of a Cream concert film (presumably the Albert Hall farewell show) at Philharmonic Hall. Pretty serious venue for something that could easily have been shown at a movie theater.

8/28/69 issue.

9/18/69 issue and several weeks afterwards--a series of cool shows at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

9/18/69 issue.

9/28/69 issue.

10/2/69 issue.

10/2/69 issue--I like the added "come early or stay late" banner.

10/2/69 issue.

10/2/69 issue. A review appears in the 12/4/69 "Riffs" column.

10/9/69 issue. A review of the Band/Joy of Cooking/Ginsberg event appears in the 10/16/69 "Riffs" column.

10/9/69 issue.

10/9/69 issue.

10/16/69 issue.

11/6/69 issue--can't resist, 'cause I happen to be married to a fella who can do a very authentic impersonation of him.

11/6 and 11/13/69 issues.

11/13/69 issue.

11/20 & 12/4/69 issues.

12/4/69 issue.

12/11/69 issue.

12/11/69 issue. Not rock & roll, but kind of a "Switched On Bach" event for jazzbos.

12/11 & 12/25/69 issues.

12/11/69 issue (show date is Friday, Dec. 26).

12/25/69 issue.

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