Thursday, March 31, 2011

1974 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 2

3/7/74 issue.

Bette inspires an early imitator.

3/14/74 issue:

According to the "Riffs" review, she wasn't quite ready to give up her day job.

The paper's public access cable show featured interesting topics each week--I wonder if any tapes survive.

3/21/74 issue:

First Club 82 ad I saw.  I'll make a separate post for them.

The Metro had some pretty interesting shows, but I only saved a few ads 'cause they seemed to host mostly folkies and comedians.

3/28/74 issue:

First of several examples I found of the streaking fad used as an advertising gimmick.

First CBGB ad I saw--will collect them in a separate post.  Didn't spot any '74 Hilly's on the Bowery ads prior to this either.

4/4/74 issue:

Came out so dark I cannot tell where this took place.

Queen opening for Mott on Broadway--can you imagine?

The Mushroom, like the Abbey Theater and the Townhouse Theater, might make an interesting joint for further investigation.  Can't recall ever hearing of any of them prior to seeing their ads. I can barely make out the address--I think it's 22 E. 13th? 

4/11/74 issue:

4/18/74 issue:

I recognize Ronnie, but can't tell if those are Nedra and Estelle with her.  Must consult Ronnie's memoir to see if she mentions this gig.

And so the ATM revolution begins.  This one only seems to give cash advances on credit cards though.

4/25/74 issue:

This later became Dojo.