Thursday, June 10, 2010

1967 Ads: Hunter College and Other Local College Gigs

Selected '67 Voice ads for shows at Hunter College (my alma mater) and some other local universities.

1/19, 1/26, and 2/2/67 issues: Eric Burdon and the Animals with the Myddle Class (Feb. 10).

2/9/67 issue: Phil Ochs and the Youngbloods (Feb. 25).

11/9/67 issue: The Doors (Nov. 24).

9/28/67 issue: The Jefferson Airplane (Oct. 20).

10/12/67 issue: JA again, but according to the JA giglist at Rock Prosopography 101, the Paupers may have cancelled.

10/19/67 issue: Another JA ad.

12/14/67 issue: Richie Havens and Flip Wilson (Jan. 6, 1968).


2/16/67 issue: The Jefferson Airplane and the Daily Flash at SUNY Stonybrook, Feb. 18. (I also saw an ad for an Ian and Sylvia/Tom Paxton show there (March 4) in the 2/23/67 issue.)

5/4/67 issue: The Youngbloods at Columbia (May 12).

6/29/67 issue: Dionne Warwick with Every Mother's Son (July 8) and the Lovin' Spoonful (July 22) at Iona College. In a later issue I saw an ad for a fall Rascals gig there.

10/12 and 10/19/67 issues: Donovan with the Midnight String Quartet and Janis Ian, St. John's University (Oct. 21).

4/13/67 issue: The Byrds and Buffy Sainte-Marie at Fordham University (4/29).

10/12/67 issue: At Fordham University, Simon and Garfunkel (Oct. 13), and the Lovin' Spoonful with Richie Havens (Dec. 9).

11/23/67 issue: Lovin' Spoonful with Richie Havens at Fordham.

11/9/67 issue: The Beach Boys embarked on a mini-tour of several area colleges from Nov. 20-26, along with with the Buffalo Springfield, the Soul Survivors, the Strawberry Alarm Clock, and the Pickle Brothers.

UPDATE 11/18/2011:  Please see the revised and updated post on 1967 college show ads here.

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