Thursday, June 10, 2010

1967 Ads: Other Venues & Miscellany, Part 1

Here are some selected '67 Voice ads for venues/clubs that either didn't advertise frequently in the paper, or which didn't often feature rock-oriented acts.

4/13/67 issue: The Blues Project at Town Hall (May 5), Muddy Waters at Carnegie Recital Hall (April 17).

4/27/67 issue: Ray Charles, May 13. I also saw ads for Buffy Sainte-Marie and Ian & Sylvia, either at Carnegie Hall or Carnegie Recital Hall.

5/18/67 issue. This is the only ad I saw for the Purple Onion. The (non-functioning) neon sign for the club was still attached to the corner of its building through the late '90s, but ain't there no mo'.

6/29 and 7/13/67 issues: I knew about the Bon Soir's cabaret past, but I didn't know they also took a stab at rock & roll with "Mr. Sybil Burton's" band.

Most of the Bitter End ads I saw were for strictly folk or blues acts, but here are a few pop/rock ones:

4/20/67 issue and several other issues as well.

8/10/67 issue.

8/31/67 issue.

9/21/67 issue.

1/19/67 issue: The Rotten Kids, "with girl leader," at some place called Kenny's Pub, 211 E. 84th Street.

9/14/67 issue: The Rascals with the Illusions and the Candy Men at the Singer Bowl (Sept. 16).

I only found these four ads for Ungano's.

2/23/67 issue: Goldie & the Gingerbreads, thru Feb. 26.

11/16/67 issue: The Strawberry Alarm Clock (Nov. 20).

12/21/67 issue: The Rich Kids (Dec. 1-28)

12/28/67 issue: The Donuts on New Year's Eve.

Only three ads for the Action House:

6/8/67 issue: The Blues Project (6/9), the Mandala (6/10), the Vagrants (6/11), the Doors (6/16-17).

6/29/67 issue: The Fifth Dimension, the Bit'A Sweet, Vanilla Fudge, and the Vagrants (June 30, July 1 & 2).

9/21/67 issue: Moby Grape, "the" Cream, and the Neons (9/22), the Magnificent Men and the Neons (9/23), Cream and the Neons (9/24).

And there were only two ads for Ondine, both in the 3/9/67 issue.

8/24/67 issue: Another "Mad Party for Sane People," this time at the Salvation discotheque.

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