Friday, June 25, 2010

1969 Ads: Steve Paul's The Scene

Selected '69 Voice ads for Steve Paul's the Scene. Some issues were missing and sometimes I miss things, so this collection is far from complete.

1/2/69 issue.

1/2/69 issue. Seems like many jazz shows were presented on Sunday evenings, which were given their own separate smaller ads--I saved a few of 'em.

1/9/69 issue. Did the Small Faces show actually happen?

1/16/69 issue. Note "Lead Zeppelin." That's not nearly as hilarious as an ad a facebook pal found for a Vanilla Fudge/Zep gig at the Kennedy Pavilion in Spokane, Washington--which spelled it "Len Zefflin."

In that week's "Pop Eye" column, Richard Goldstein muses, "Steve Paul's Scene has changed a bit, grown stern and funky like the rest of us. I hadn't been there in, say, six weeks. I can't explain why. It's as good a place to hear music as any in this promopolis." Later in the column he reviews a Slim Harpo/Lightnin' Slim show for which I didn't find an ad--but if he hadn't been there in a while, perhaps it took place in late '68.

1/30/69 issue. Read this fun Scene-related encounter between "Jimmy Paige" and N.Y. Rocker editor Andy Schwartz.

2/6/69 issue.

2/20/69 issue.

2/20/69 issue.

3/6/69 issue.

3/6/69 issue.

3/20/69 issue.

3/20/69 issue. To the best of my knowlege, that "Psychedelic Stooges" engagement didn't actually happen...apparently the Pavilion show later in September was their NYC debut.

4/3/69 issue.

4/3/69 issue.

4/10/69 issue.

5/1/69 issue. Annie Fisher briefly reviews the PG&E/Ten Wheel Drive in the 5/8/69 "Riffs" column.

5/1/69 issue.

5/8/69 issue.

5/15/69 issue.

5/22/69 issue.

5/29/69 issue.

6/5/69 issue.

6/12/69 issue.

6/19/69 issue.

6/19/69 issue.

6/26/69 issue.

6/26/69 issue.

7/3/69 issue.

7/3/69 issue.

7/10/69 issue.

7/10/69 issue. See more of Annie Fisher's effusively positive review of Sha-Na-Na in the 7/3/69 "Riffs" column (scroll back a little, I had to link to a nearby ad).

7/17/69 issue.

8/7/69 issue. I didn't find any more "rock" ads after the 7/17 issue...and the only mention of the club's closing that I found was in the 9/11/69 "Scenes" column.

Speaking of the Scene, I recently got a couple of nice notes from a former staffer of Billboard and Record Retailer, who offered this fun description of the joint: "I remember Steve Paul's The Scene with some affection. The most dangerous club in Manhattan. I'm talking about the flight of stairs that had to be negotiated to get into the place and I'm surprised Sherpa guides were not on hand to assist your departure."

UPDATE 3/15/2012: Please see the revised and improved post on 1969 Scene ads here.


Anonymous said...

nifty stuff! when one sees those bills for concerts and the prices they sold for (granted that was the late 60's) it make you sick of the insane ticket prices nowadays...that Small Faces show would've been pretty cool-even tho Rod Stewart woulda been with them, I bet they did a bunch of the old SF tunes....great blog!!! jim

Nigel Young said...

Regarding "that Small Faces show would've been pretty cool-even tho Rod Stewart woulda been with them" - the February '69 gig did not happen. The Small Faces played their final gigs in Europe in January then split up. Rod Stewart (and Ronnie Wood) teamed up with The Faces later in the year.