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1967 Ads: Steve Paul's The Scene, Part 2

Selected Voice ads for Steve Paul's the Scene, July through December, 1967. (Some issues were missing from the archive, and sometimes ads weren't printed every single week--that and possible eye failure on my part account for any ads missing here!)

7/13/67 issue
Monti Rock III and The Triangle (thru July 16)
Beacon Street Union (thru July 23)
The Mandala (July 18)
Keith (July 20)

Scene East: Clear Light (thru July 23)

7/20/67 issue
Monti Rock III with the Triangle and Clear Light (thru July 30)
Keith (July 20)
The Rich Kids (July 25-30)

Scene East: Beacon St. Union (thru July 30)

8/17/67 issue
Monti Rock III (thru 8/27) with the Triangle and Splendor's Castle
The Candy Men (9/6/to 10/8)
Digger's Benefit, August 27 and every Sunday thereafter. "One dollar donation. No admission. No uptightness. From 8 p.m. on--many famous and unfamous groups--all having creative significance--will appear for you."

Scene East: The Triangle. "Coming in September, Scene East goes strictly 'soul' and will feature the finest R&B and soul groups that can be found."

8/24/67 issue
Monti Rock III (thru 9/3) with the Triangle and the British Modbeats
The Candy Men (9/6-10/8)
Digger's Benefit

Scene East: The Triangle

8/31/67 issue
Monti Rock III (thru 9/3) with the Triangle, Scott Fagan & His Incredible Group, and the James Gang
The Candy Men (9/6 to 10/8)
Bobby Comstock & the Counts (10/4)

Scene East: The Triangle

I imagine Steve Paul himself wrote the ad copy, which started getting very wordy and effusive for a few weeks here. I hope you can read it, 'cause while I haven't got it in me to type it all out, it's pretty darn amusing.

8/31/67 issue
Ad for The Steve Paul Scene TV show on WNEW Metromedia Channel 5. This was very hard to read even on the site, but I could make out the Blues Project, the Chambers Brothers, Aretha Franklin, Janis Ian, Moby Grape, the Staples Singers, and the Young Rascals. Looked like the broadcast date was Monday, September 4. from 8 to 10 p.m. I watched it once at the Museum of Television, but it has probably been bootlegged on DVD as well since then. (Incidentally, I also spotted an ad for a WOR-TV Channel 9 show called "From the Bitter End" in the 12/28/67 issue.)

9/7/67 issue
Bobby Comstock and the Candy Men, as above.
Van Morrison (9/11-18)

9/14/67 issue
Van Morrison dates changed slightly (9/13-18)

9/21/67 issue
The Candy Men
Ray Whitley (starting 9/25 for one week only)

No more mentions of Scene East from now on, so I gather it was a short-lived venture.

9/28/67 issue
More Candy Men media blitz
The Free Spirits (thru Oct. 1)
The Mandala (9/27)

Carnival Connection and David Clayton-Thomas & the Phoenix (thru 10/22)
"Double Louble Bill": Nico and Kaleidoscope, 10/23-29
Announcements for upcoming Blood, Sweat & Tears debut (the pre-Clayton-Thomas lineup), and "The Greasy Spoon," which sounds like the Scene's version of the V.I.P. room.

10/26/67 issue (slightly larger version appeared the previous week.)

10/26/67 issue
Nico and Kaleidoscope (now thru 10/28, instead of 10/29)
The McCoys and the Tropics (10/30 to 11/5)

11/9/67 issue--this one should be easy to read.

11/16/67 issue
Thanksgiving Jam (11/19-26), same names listed in previous ad.

11/23/67 issue
Thanksgiving Jam, but John-John McDuffy and the Soul Purpose replace Sam Laye & the Mojo Men as listed in the previous ad.

12/21/67 issue--again, should be quite legible.

12/21/67 issue
The Critters and the Dickens, Dec. 18-24

12/28/67 issue
Holiday Blues Festival, 12/28 thru New Year's Eve: Influence, Bruce Scott with the Head Set, BST (12/29-31)

Further reading: Richard Goldstein's "Pop Eye" column in the 1/19/67 issue is a great profile on Steve Paul.

UPDATE 3/15/2012:  Please see the revised and improved post on 1967 Scene ads here.

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