Thursday, May 24, 2012

1965 Ads: Part 2

After the Final Curtain, Matt Lambros' marvelous photoblog about abandoned theaters, recently did a post about Loew's 46th Street Theatre, a.k.a. the 46th Street Rock Palace, a.k.a. Bananafish Garden.

And a couple of days ago the Boston Phoenix posted an excellent interview with Handsome Dick.  Manitoba recently played at the Horseshoe--I've gotta say, I think I enjoyed it more than any previous Dictators show I've seen! 

April 1, 1965 issue:

4/8/65 issue:

4/15/65 issue:

4/22/65 issue:

4/29/65 issue:

5/6/65 issue:

5/13/65 issue:

5/20/65 issue:

5/27/65 issue:

6/3/65 issue:

6/10/65 issue:

6/17/65 issue:

Excerpt from an interview with Ed Sanders in the "Village Square" column.

6/24/65 issue:

Another "Village Square" column excerpt.

Reviews, articles, etc:

4/1/65 issue: "Figaro is Damaged in Weekend Melee" (links to nearby ad); "Super-anti-hero in Forest Hills" (Spiderman, also links to a nearby ad).

4/8/65 issue: "MacDougal at Midnight: A Street Under Pressure," by Jack Newfield.

4/29/65 issue: "Nicky! Take Care of the Baby!" by Vivan Gornick--vivid description of scenes outside the Women's House of Detention.

5/6/65 issue: "Tom Wolfe and the New Yorker," by Nat Hentoff; "The Detached Cool of Andy Warhol," by John Wilcock; photo spread on the World's Fair (links to nearby ad).

5/20/65 issue: Photo spreads on Greenwich Village and Brooklyn Heights (links to nearby article).

6/10/65 issue: Protests against the proposed Lower Manhattan Expressway.