Friday, June 25, 2010

1969 Ads: UNLTD!

"Good Times, Great Oldies" types didn't have to settle just for Sha-Na-Na and those "Rock & Roll Revival" shows at the Felt Forum...for a while they had their very own club, UNLTD!, at 115 MacDougal Street. Might have been a rather short-lived venture though...the ads I found spanned only the 5/1 to 7/10/69 issues! I certainly never heard of the place prior to spotting these.

5/1/69 issue.

5/8/69 issue.

5/15/69 issue.

5/22/69 issue.

5/29/69 issue.

6/5/69 issue.

6/12/69 issue.

6/19/69 issue.

6/29/69 issue.

7/10/69 issue.

UPDATE 3/15/2012:  Updated and improved post on UNLTD ads here.

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