Thursday, June 10, 2010

1967 Ads: The Balloon Farm

Selected 1967 Voice ads for the Balloon Farm.

1/19/67 issue.

2/16/67 issue: The Free Spirits and Lothar and the Hand People.

2/23/67 issue: The Free Spirits and the Pleasant Street Blues Band.

3/9/67 issue: The Bitter Seeds, the Pleasant Street Blues Band, the Free Spirits.

3/16/67 issue: Same lineup.

3/27/67 issue: Easter Blast with Jeremy and the Satyrs and the Sopwith Camel (March 24-April 1).

3/30/67 issue: Hand-drawn ad for the same event.

In the "Scenes" column from the 4/27/67 issue, Howard Smith reports, "The Balloon Farm has closed and the Electric Circus is moving in to that great old building that used to be no more psychedelic than a Polish polka wedding ball." Read on for a description of the proposed environment for the new club.

6/29/67 issue: Looks like there was an attempt to revive the club at a place called Cinderella, 82 W. 3rd Street...but this is the only ad I came across for it.

UPDATE 11/18/2011:  Please see the revised and updated post on 1967 Voice ads for the Dom and the Balloon Farm here.

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