Friday, June 04, 2010

1967 Ads: The Village Theater

Selected Village Theater ads, illustrating its eclectic booking policy. Voice issue dates and other pertinent info in the captions.

3/16/67 issue: Ornette Coleman Trio and the Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet, March 17--see a Billboard review here.

3/16/67 issue: Nina Simone, Miriam Makeba, and Flip Wilson, March 25.

3/30/67 issue: The Beers Family, April 22.

4/12/67 issue: Folk-rock concerts on April 14.

4/13/67 issue: Chuck Berry on April 28.

April 13, 20, & 27, 1967 issues: "An Evening with God" on May 13, one of Timothy Leary's regular events at the theater. I can make out the names of Dick Gregory, Rev. Malcolm Boyd, Dr. Harvey Cox, Len Chandler, and Paul Krassner.

4/27/67 issue, & reprinted in several others: Herbie Mann's "Impressions of the Middle East" show, June 3.

5/4/67 issue: Horace Silver Quintet, Morgana King, Ahmad Jamal Trio, May 27.

5/18/67 issue: WOR-FM Anniversary Concert, June 11.

6/29/67 issue: The Blues Project, the Who, and Richie Havens, "Plus After The 3rd World Raspberry," July 8. [Note the accompanying ad for the Young Rascals and Spanky & Our Gang at the Malibu Shore Club in Lido Beach, Long Island on July 3...the Who (on 7/7/67) and the Byrds and the Seeds (on 7/21/67) also did shows there put on by the same promoter, Don Friedman.]

7/20/67 issue: The Byrds, the Vanilla Fudge Conspiracy (interim name between the Pigeons and Vanilla Fudge), and the Seeds, July 22.

7/27/67 issue: Janis Ian and the Grass Roots, July 28.

7/27/67 issue: James Baldwin and Richie Havens, August 24.

8/10/67 issue: James Baldwin lecture/Havens concert on August 24 is fleshed out with Ossie Davis, Dick Davy, and the Frank Mitchell Quintet.

8/17/67: More attractions added to the Baldwin lecture.

8/17/67 issue: "New Stars in '67" Show, August 26.

8/17/67 isue: The Yardbirds, the Youngbloods, and Jake Holmes, August 25.

August 24 & 31, 1967 issues: Mitch Ryder, Vanilla Fudge, and the Illusions, September 2.

8/31/67 issue: The Doors, the Vagrants, and the Chambers Brothers, September 9.

9/7/67 issue: Oops! Looks like the Chambers Brothers cancelled and Tim Rose stepped in.

9/21/67 issue: Mixed jazz and folk program, October 15.

10/12/67 issue: Further details on this "October Breakout."

10/12/67 issue: Otis Redding and Carla Thomas, October 20 & 21.

10/26/67 issue: The Yardbirds and Vanilla Fudge, November 3.

11/9/67 issue: Moby Grape, November 11.

11/9/67 issue (and the previous week's): Buck Owens & the Buckaroos, Wynn Stewart, Tommy Collins, and Rose Maddox, November 12. Here's a review of the show from Billboard.

11/16/67 issue: Charles Lloyd Quartet, November 18.

11/16/67 issue: The Who, the Vagrants, and the Rich Kids, November 25 &26.

11/23/67 issue: Moby Grape, the Druids of Stonehenge, Charles O'Hegarty, and Kingdom Come, November 23 & 24.

11/23/67: Slightly different graphics for the Who ad.

12/21/67 issue: The Grateful Dead and Take Five, December 26 and 27.

UPDATE 11/14/2011:  Please see the improved and revised 1967 Village Theater ads post here.


Corry342 said...

An amazing chronicle.

August 25, 1967 Yardbirds/Youngbloods/Jake Holmes
The Yardbirds, particularly Jimmy Page, were so taken with the Jake Holmes song "I'm Confused" that they went to a local record store and bought the album. They learned the song and recorded it on the Yardbirds 1968 live album, and--as we know--it evolved into Led Zeppelin's "Dazed And Confused."

Corry342 said...

December 26/27, 1967
Grateful Dead/Take 5
It snowed on at least one of the nights, and due to holes in the ceiling snow was actually falling onto the stage.

Signed D.C. said...

There's a word for that...Page-iarism!

Didn't know about the holes in the roof! I've read "Bill Graham Presents" and that book with all the Amalie Rothschild photos, but I can't recall whether Graham fixed such issues when he took over.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to a Who bootleg from 1968 (Fillmore East). Townshend said the last time they played there it was called The Village Theater. He said they like it much better now, and it was a "pisshole" when it was the Village Theater. Can anyone corroborate?