Thursday, June 03, 2010

1967 Ads: The Electric Circus

Selected Electric Circus ads. Voice issue dates and other pertinent info in the captions.

6/15/67 issue: "The Electric Circus is coming to town...opens June 28."

6/22/67 issue. I reprinted the text at the end of the original Circus post if you have any difficulty reading the copy.

7/13/67 issue: "You can do anything you want at the Electric Circus...Weekdays $3.50, Weekends $4.50. If you are barefoot, 50 cents off admission."

7/27/67 issue: "Dance at the Electric Circus. The Incredible Chambers Brothers." Dates are impossible to discern.

8/10/67 issue, full-page ad: "Bless You."

8/17/67 issue.

8/24/67 issue, full-page ad: "Be Human. We're having a party in the street, St Marks Place...Thursday August 24, 8:30 to 10:30 P.M. The price of admission is your smile."

8/31/67 issue, full-page ad: "Meet Sly. A whole new thing. Sly and the Family Stone will do it to ya. Where you can taste the Think Tank Drink." No dates given that I can see. The "Scenes" column in this issue discusses neighborhood opposition to the club: "The Electric Circus is overloaded and is not soundproofed. If the laws were enforced, it would be shut down."

9/7/67 issue. This one was repeated in several issues.

9/14/67 issue: "How to get to New York from the Electric Circus...Believe you can, believe you, believe, stay."

9/21/1967 issue: Same motto.

9/28/67 issue, full-page ad: "Without this man there would be no Electric Circus...Thomas Alva Edison, the man who turned the world on."

10/12/67 issue.

10/19/67 issue.

10/26/67 issue, full-page ad: "All Souls. Come to a Halloween Party at the Electric Circus dressed to exorcise the devils. (The most outstanding costumes win a trip.) October 28 at 9 p.m.

11/9/67 issue. Muddy Waters and His Blues Band--dates are illegible if they're there at all.

11/16/67 issue. Slightly different graphics, still no legible dates.

11/23/67 issue: "Clothes, furbelows & astonishments at the Electric Circus store."

11/23/67 issue. "An Electric Christmas at Carnegie Hall," co-produced by the New York Pro Musica and the Electric Circus, December 24 and 30, 1967.

12/14/67 issue: Further details on the Electric Christmas show. "Circus Maximus--Original Rock Music. Electronic Music by Morton Subotnick. Light Show by Anthony Martin."

12/21/67 issue: "Worship at the church of your choice...midnight December 24."

12/28/67 issue. "Avoid Drunks--New Year's Eve at the Electric Circus...Ecstasies by M. M. Koutoumas...Coffee at the Think Tank.

UPDATE 11/18/2011:  Please see the revised and updated post on 1967 Electric Circus ads here.


Corry342 said...

Completely awesome, as always.

December 14, 1967: Don't forget that Circus Maximus featured guitarist Ronald Crosby of Oneonta, NY, better known today as Jerry Jeff Walker. We all have a past.

JamesChanceOfficial said...

Holy crap...this is just beautiful. I'll be linking to this.

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