Friday, June 25, 2010

1969 Ads: Ungano's, Part 1

Selected Voice ads for Ungano's from January to June, 1969. They advertised just about every week, and I think I got all of 'em except for the issues missing from the archive. (I split the year into two parts only because the Blogger editor can get a little unwieldy if you upload too many images into one post.)

1/9/69 issue.

1/16/69 issue.

1/30/69 issue, Dom-free.

2/6/69 issue--Mitch Ryder had left them by that point IIRC...

Also 2/6/69, accompanied by one for some Upper East Side place called Geordie's Apple Pie.

3/6/69 issue.

3/20/69 issue.

4/3/69 issue.

4/10/69 issue.

5/1/69 issue.

5/8/69 issue.

5/15/69 issue.

5/22/69 issue.

5/29/69 issue.

6/5/69 issue.

6/12/69 issue.

6/19/69 issue.

6/26/69 issue--plus bonus nearby "Westhampton Rock Festival" ad.

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