Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1967 Ads Revisited: Trude Heller's Trik

Selected 1967 Voice ads for Trude Heller's Trik.  This was a larger Times Square-area outpost of her original Greenwich Village club--which I assume was still in operation during this time, although I found no ads for it in the '67 archive.

4/27/67 issue--front page photo.

5/11/67 issue.

5/18/67 issue.

5/25/67 issue.

6/1/67 issue.

6/8/67 issue.

6/15/67 issue.

6/22/67 issue.

6/22/67 "Scenes" column excerpt.

6/22/67 issue.

6/29/67 issue.

6/29/67 issue.

7/6/67 issue.

7/20/67 issue.

7/27/67 issue.

8/3/67 issue.

8/10/67 issue.

10/5/67 issue.

My first Trude Heller's post from May 2005.  (Other posts on it can be accessed via the Trude Heller's label.)

My earlier post on '67 Trik ads from June 2010.

Billboard articles on the Trik from Google Book Search or the Billboard site.  (And for the original club downtown as well.)

Trude Heller's Google Image Search.

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