Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1967 Ads Revisited: The Cheetah

Selected 1967 Voice ads for the Cheetah.

1/19/67 issue.

4/27/67 issue.

6/15/67 "Scenes" column excerpt.

6/22/67 "Scenes" column excerpt.

6/29/67 issue.

7/6/67 issue.

7/13/67 issue.

7/20/67 issue.

7/27/67 issue.

8/3/67 issue.

8/10/67 "Scenes" column excerpt.

8/10/67 issue.

8/17/67 issue.

8/24/67 issue.

8/31/67 issue.  (Was the Chicago location, a.k.a. the Aragon Ballroom, on my personal architecture tour itinerary when I visited there last summer? You betcha.)

9/7/67 issue.

9/14/67 issue.

9/21/67 issue.

9/27/67 issue.  It's a shame they couldn't come up with a different ad theme each week, a la the Electric Circus.

10/5/67 issue.

10/12/67 issue.

10/19/67 issue.

10/26/67 "Scenes" column excerpt.

10/26/67 issue.  Were these the same All-Night Workers of "Why Don't You Smile Now" infamy?

11/30/67 issue.

12/7/67 issue.

12/14/67 issue.

12/21/67 issue.  Critic Michael Smith panned the original Public Theatre production in the 11/2/67 "Theatre Journal" column.

12/21/67 issue.

12/28/67 issue.

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My earlier post on '67 Cheetah ads from June 2010.

Billboard articles on the Cheetah from Google Book Search or the Billboard site.

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