Friday, November 25, 2011

1967 Ads Revisited: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 1

1/5/67 issue:

1/12/67 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

1/19/67 issue:

1/26/67 issue:

2/2/67 issue:

2/9/67 issue:

2/16/67 issue:

2/23/67 issue:

3/2/67 issue:

3/9/67 issue:

3/16/67 issue:

3/23/67 issue:

"Pop Eye" excerpt.

3/30/67 issue:

4/6/67 issue:

4/13/67 issue:

4/20/67 issue:

4/27/67 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.  I guess he meant to say Corona Avenue, or Queens Boulevard.

Reviews, articles, etc.:

1/5/67 issue:  "Scenes" on Christmas '66 and Crawdaddy magazine; "Pop Eye" on Ravi Shankar.

1/12/67 issue:  "Pop Eye" on Jefferson Airplane at Webster Hall and the Flying Machine and the Ragamuffins at the Night Owl; "Scenes"; profile of a psychedelic social worker.

1/19/67 issue: Balloon happening at Grand Central Station; hippie-Latino relations on the Lower East Side; "Scenes."

1/26/67 issue: Jack Newfield on Bob Dylan; "Scenes"; "Pop Eye" on current hits.

2/2/67 issue: Amphetamines; "Scenes"; "Pop Eye" on current hits.

2/16/67 issue: Poetry at the Passionist Monastery in Jamaica (links to nearby ad); "Pop Eye" on the Sunset Strip riots and the L.A. studio scene; the S.F. Diggers; "Scenes."

2/23/67 issue: League for Spiritual Discovery Center, Hunter S. Thompson's Hell's Angels book; "Pop Eye" on current hits; "Scenes."

3/2/67 issue: Bowery alcoholics"Pop Eye" on the San Francisco scene; "Scenes."

3/9/67 issue: "Scenes"; "Pop Eye" on current hits and the Paupers at the Cafe au Go Go.

3/16/67 issue: "Pop Eye" discusses more on the S.F. scene; Electrical Banana; "Scenes"; Paul Nelson on Bob Dylan.

3/23/67 issue: The Village is granted historic landmark status; "Scenes"; "Pop Eye" on Zal Yanovsky, Toronto, the Rock Flow at the Broadway Central Hotel, the Fugs, and the Doors at Ondine; Michael Zwerin on the Jefferson Airplane and Jeremy and the Satyrs;

3/30/67 issue: Coverage of the Be-In in Central Park; the London hippie scene; psychedelic art; "Scenes"; a night at Slugs' jazz club (links to nearby ad).

4/6/67 issue: Joe Cino obit; "Scenes"; a night at the Apartment; "Pop Eye" on Murray the K's Easter show at the RKO 58th Street, with a special emphasis on the Who.

4/13/67 issue: The Sweep-In (East Village street-cleaning happening); "Marching on MacDougal: Immovable vs. Irresistible; STP; "Pop Eye" reviews current albums, including the VU's first; a night at the Bon Soir; "Scenes."

4/20/67 issue: "Scenes"; "Pop Eye" on John Kramer; Caffe Cino crackdown; profile on Lenny Bruce's mother.

4/27/67 issue: Charlotte Moorman in court; "Scenes" (links to nearby ad); "Pop Eye" on the commercialization of hippiedom.

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