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1969 Ads Revisited: Ungano's (plus Ungano's Ritz bonus)

Selected 1969 Voice ads for Ungano's.

1/9/69 issue.

1/16/69 issue.

1/23/69 issue.

1/30/69 issue.

2/6/69 issue.

2/6/69 issue.

2/27/69 issue.

3/6/69 issue.

3/13/69 issue.

3/20/69 issue.

3/27/69 issue.

4/3/69 issue.

4/10/69 issue.

4/17/69 issue.

4/17/69 issue.


5/1/69 issue.

5/1/69 issue.

5/8/69 issue.

5/15/69 issue.

5/22/69 issue.

5/29/69 issue.

6/5/69 issue.

6/12/69 issue.

6/19/69 issue.

6/26/69 issue.


7/10/69 issue.

7/17/69 issue.

7/24/69 issue.

7/31/69 issue.

8/7/69 issue. A.J. Weberman was also discussed in that week's "Scenes" column.

8/14/69 issue.

8/21/69 issue.

8/28/69 issue.

9/4/69 issue.

9/11/69 issue.

9/18/69 issue.

9/25/69 issue.

9/25/69 issue.

10/2/69 issue.

10/2/69 issue.

10/9/69 issue.

10/9/69 issue.

10/16/69 issue.

10/23/69 issue.

10/23/69 issue.

10/30/69 issue.

11/6/69 issue.

11/13/69 issue.

11/20/69 issue.

11/20/69 issue.

11/27/69 issue.

12/4/69 issue.

12/4/69 issue.

12/11/69 issue.

12/18/69 issue.

12/25/69 issue.

Reviews, articles, etc.:

7/3/69 "Riffs" review for Savoy Brown.

9/4/69 "Riffs" review for Mountain and Colosseum (nearest link was to the "Scenes" column a couple of pages afterwards).

10/16/69 "Riffs" review for Dr. John and Tony Williams' Lifetime (links to nearby ad).

11/13/69 "Riffs" review for Elvin Bishop and other blues shows that had taken place there in previous weeks (links to nearby ad).

My original post on Ungano's from 2005..

My earlier posts on '69 Ungano's ads.  (Click on the Ungano's label below or on the right for more posts about the club.)

Billboard articles on Ungano's.

The only Ungano's clips I could find on YT feature the Stooges in Nineteen-Seventy, O.K?

Reader Bill Fitzgerald kindly sent along some info about Ungano's Ritz Theatre:

The Ritz Theatre on Staten Island, also known as Ungano's Ritz (I heard that the Unganos were brothers who worked for Con-Ed), opened in early 1970 and had shows until August '72 (as far as I can tell). 
Below is a partial listing of shows there.  I also attached some pics of a ticket stub and some ads in the local paper (the Staten Island Advance).
Bill Fitzgerald
Date Band(s) Comment
1/23/1970 Vanilla Fudge/Crow
1/24/1970 Vanilla Fudge/Crow

2/13/1970 Mountain
10/31/1970 MC5/Stooges
11/1/1970 Canned Heat
1/25/1971 Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
7/3/1971 Mountain
8/14/1971 Black Sabbath/Sweathog Master of Reality tour
10/xx/1971 Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band
10/23/1971 Edgar Winter's White Trash
11/26/1971 Allman Brothers Originally Scheduled for 10/23/71, 2 shows
11/27/1971 The Kinks/Yes
12/6/1971 Humble Pie/King Crimson
2/4/1972 The Byrds
2/14/1972 King Crimson
2/29/1972 Yes/Sweathog
3/xx/1972 Cactus
3/xx/1972 J. Geils Band
3/17/1972 Badfinger
3/28/1972 Deep Purple
3/29/1972 Deep Purple
4/xx/1972 Alice Cooper
6/24/1972 Badfinger
7/29/1972 Uriah Heep
8/15/1972 The Doors W/o Jim Morrisson
Dates unknown
Chambers Brothers
Delaney and Bonnie
Fleetwood Mac
Frijid Pink
Glory River
Grand Funk Railroad
Hot Tuna
James Gang
Lee Michaels
Pig Iron
Procol Harum
Richie Havens
Three Dog Night

A reprint of an Staten Island Advance article from 12/28/69 mentions a Staten Islander named Paul Margarella as being the prime force behind its transformation from an abandoned movie theater to a Fillmore East style concert hall.  It operated as a movie theater from 1931 to June 1968.

It also was used as a vaudeville theater and hosted such stars as Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Mae West, Jack Benny, George Jessel, etc.

BTW - there was a rock club called The Factory on Staten Island in the late 70's.  It was part of the old S.S. White Factory in the Princes Bay section of Staten Island.  SS White moved to NJ and the building was used a mini-mall and had the club called The Factory.  It had some mid-level acts; I saw The Ramones and Johnny Winter there in 1979.  It was open from 1977 to 1980.

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