Monday, May 16, 2011

1969 Ads: Flashback, Part 1

Blogger still hasn't restored the '74 posts I lost, so to continue avoiding the inevitable act of doing them over, let's embark on another flashback--this time to the 1969 issues of the Voice that I failed to notice last year (they were all tacked on the ends of other issues).

Also dig this NPR feature I missed last month on the 50th anniversary of the Washington Square Park "Beatnik Riot."  Lustful thanks to Harold Black for the link.

1/23/69 issue:

"Outside Fashion" photo.

I'll assume this theater was owned by the Donald's father.

2/12/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpts.

2/27/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpts.

Somehow this ended up with the restaurant ads near the back of the paper.

3/13/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpts.

3/27/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt--last gasp of the Brill Building?

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