Friday, May 06, 2005

Trude redux

I was perusing the 1965 microfilm reel of Harper's Bazaar at the library yesterday, and was particularly drawn to the April '65 issue, a veritable pop art spectacu-larrrr. 'Twas loaded with a multitude of breathtaking Richard Avedon photos (many with the lens focused on Jean Shrimpton), references to Roy Lichtenstein and Bridget Riley, a cool Tom Wolfe article on how the elite were emulating bohemian behavior (I think the title was "Pariah Styles"), and a fun article on the metabolic and muscular benefits of go-go dancing entitled "Frug That Fat Away" (which included a testimony from Killer Joe Piro), among other delights. Best of all were some photos on page 183 of Pamela Tiffin, beauteous brunette of the '60s silver screen, caught in mid-gyration at Trude Heller's. I'm sure I've seen references to Trude's in a couple of '60s Vogue issues as well, but I wasn't smart enough to write the dates down at the time--ah well, now I have an excuse to wade through Vogue microfilm again someday when I have the time.

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