Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting my Fill of more factoids

While Facebook's recent changes to the Groups format may have been annoying for page administrators, they've helped revive some groups which had been rather dormant for a while, including two of my favorites, Steve Paul's The Scene and the Fillmore East Archives.  If you're on FB and have the slightest interest in '60s NYC rock and roll, you should be on both of them.  Here are a few things I was hipped to on the Fillmore East page within the last couple of days:

An insightful 2007 interview from with Joshua White.

Not Fillmore-related, but I learned that the Brooklyn club Action City was located at Flatbush Avenue and Avenue U. 

And well, I must admit I actually got this link from the comments of a Dangerous Minds piece on Billy Preston, but it does tie in with the Fillmore to some extent so I'll include it here--memories of the WOR-FM anniversary show at the Village Theater by a fella named Frank Patrick. 

EDIT 5/27/2011:  Also not Fillmore-related, but relevant to this blog regardless...a few hours after I made this post, I came across these images:


Neil Young with the Buffalo Springfield at Ondine, by Thomas Monaster.  I think it came from a Neil Young tumblr but I can't find the link now.

Another EDIT 5/27/2011:  This just in via Stupefaction from the Voice blog--the building that houses the Pyramid might be up for landmark status, along with a whole section of East Village blocks.


Crane-Watch said...

Love your blog..Saw David Peel on the way back today, playing on the flatbed stage at that streetfair today on 10th street..
Saw "Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys" at the Electric Circus in 1969 or 70(?)..but didn't see that show mentioned in your fabulous 'The Dom-Balloon Farm-Circus' history piece

Signed D.C. said...

Thanks! I'm glad you managed to catch David Peel. I guess I didn't find a reference to any Cat Mother shows at the time I wrote the original post, but IIRC I did find an ad for it later...there's a post called "1969 Ads: Electric Circus" around here somewhere.

Crane-Watch said...

By the way, our East Village Howl Festival will feature an Ed Sanders
(FUGS) poetry reading next Saturday this year, maybe because TULI KUPFERBERG (Fugs)
died earlier this past year (or late last), Ed Sanders is returning to his roots?