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1974 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 5

9/5/74 issue:

I really should have given Radio City its own post, but I didn't anticipate they'd have so many shows during this year.

Just to refresh your memory.

9/12/74 issue.

Bob and Carol and Ted and Eggs Benedict.

9/19/74 issue:

Upcoming appearances by Atlantic artists.

Scenes from a party for Stevie Wonder.

"Scenes" column excerpt.

9/26/74 issue:

Pesky black background...

So which one is Dee, the besunglassed one on the left?

10/3/74 issue:

Worlds truly collide.

Even peskier black background!

Ugh!  The printing got better in future weeks though.

Same for this one.  I'll have to check my notes to be sure, but I think this is the very earliest Ramone reference I've encountered in the Voice.  I thought the phone number might be for Performance Studios, but it doesn't jibe with the number printed on P.S.'s business card as reprinted in Monte Melnick's book.

2-page spread.

"Scenes" column excerpt.

10/10/74 issue:

That's gotta be Geddy and co.--they were touring outside Canada by this time, right?  I've seen Beyond the Lighted Stage so I should know this, but I can't recall.  There's a deli up here called Caplansky's that serves a scrambled egg/lox/salami concoction called "The Geddy."

"Womp, womp," as the kids say these days.

Seems like when a more serious artiste was booked, they'd drop all the sexy trappings and just use the joint's old moniker.

"Scenes" column excerpt.  

I believe I spy Cyrinda Foxe, David Johansen, and Jobriath here--I'm ig'nant about the duo on the lower left though.

10/17/74 issue.

Yes, even as a tyke I was a total bookworm.  Weekend outings with my parents to "the city" felt somewhat incomplete if they didn't involve a stop here at some point.

Finally, we can make out the picture--sort of.

A different mystery duo on the lower left.

10/24/74 issue.

Christgau "Consumer Guide" excerpt.  Unfortunately, my older siblings didn't have the hepcattiest of musical tastes--this was my brother's favorite local band.  I do recall liking some of the tunes from this L.P., as well as the stylized rat-in-trash-heap cover illustration, so I probably would've given it at least a B.  To my endless chagrin and regret though, rather than hearing super-cool tales about nights at joints like Club 82 and CBs (or even the Coventry!), as a kid I was instead regaled with my brother's anecdotes about following the bearded Marchello brothers all around a circuit of less revolutionary outer-borough and Island dives, whose names I can't even recall him telling me.  However, many years later I was stunned to find a '60s track of theirs on a psych comp in my husband's collection--"The Hobo," on Turds on a Bum Ride Vol. 3.  [ISTR that their rendition of "Taking It To Detroit" on Live at Last featured the line "comin' in from Port Chester"...if so, I assume that was a Capitol Theatre shout-out.] 

Part of a sidebar from an article about transvestites.

10/31/74 issue:

I've got a hand-me-down copy of this book.

Future site of the Dolls' infamous Red Patent Leather show.

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