Saturday, May 14, 2011

1967 Ads: Flashback, Part 2

8/3/67 issue:

"Pop Eye" column excerpt--I'll give a link to the article at the end of the post.

10/5/67 issue:

Link to full article below--Action House and Cafe au Go Go shows are also discussed. 

"Scenes" column excerpt.

11/2/67 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpts.

11/30/67 issue:

12/7/67 issue:

At first glance I thought this was for a ? and the Mysterians show.

And here are a few tidbits I somehow neglected to gather from the previously-viewed 12/14/67 issue:

"Pop Eye" column excerpts.

Reviews, articles, etc:

3/2/67: Richard Goldstein's "Pop Eye" examines the San Francisco music scene and includes a fabulous typo: "Grace Glick."  Howard Smith's "Scenes" column includes discussions of early hippie weddings and an attempted Be-In at Grand Central Station.  There's also a cool review of a drag ball/contest at Town Hall.

4/6/67: "Pop Eye" features the Who's first American appearance at Murray the K's RKO 58th Street show; it's one of the best pieces on the band I've ever read.  This issue is tacked on the end of the 3/30/67 ish, so you may as well check out that week's reports on the Central Park Be-In.

6/1/67: "Pop Eye" isn't particularly musical this week--instead it ponders, "What're you doin', Marshall McLuhan?"  But you might dig this report on hippie tourism destinations (links to nearby Robert Fiance beauty school ad--check out the ad for "Greek boy wigs" on the bottom half of the page too!).

8/3/67: "Pop Eye" focuses on an L.A. music biz guy named Billy James.  Good "Scenes" column too--but then, it should go without saying that it's always worth reading.

10/5/67:  "Pop Eye" on Cream, Phil Ochs at Carnegie, WOR-FM fires Murray the K.

11/2/67: Report on the Mattachine Society's ball at the Hotel Diplomat.

11/30/67: Anti-War demonstration in Washington Square, Jefferson Market Library opens (links to nearby ad), the "Death of Hippie" ceremony in the Haight, Taylor Mead feature, and "Scenes."

12/14/67:  Doors coverage (among other cool items) in "Scenes" and "Pop Eye."

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