Saturday, May 14, 2011

1967 Ads: Flashback, Part 1

These '67 issues of the Voice were either missing from the archive at the time I went through it, or were tacked on to the ends of other issues without me realizing it then.  I've been meaning to go back and visit them, and the Great Blogger Crisis of May 2011 afforded me the perfect opportunity to do so.  [Still waiting/hoping for a '74 post and draft I did on Thursday 5/12 to be restored--I sure as hell don't feel like re-doing them.]

3/2/67 issue:

There was still a Womrath's in operation quite close to my high school in the '80s--and they did still have a lending library in addition to the books they had for sale.

3/30/67 issue--I did go through this issue before, but I think I may have missed a couple of these at the time.  Actually, I want to go back and re-do most of the year's ads at some point, since I've now figured out how to get them in a larger format.  But what I really long for is the addition of the still-missing '66 and '68 microfilm!

4/6/67 issue.

I might have joined such a singles society had it existed in '90s NYC.

6/1/67 issue:

"Scenes" excerpt.

I feel a strange urge to go back and collect all the Cafe au Go-Go ads I avoided before.  At the time I thought that would be a redundant activity, but now I kinda want them for the graphic value if nothing else.

7/6/67 issue:

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