Wednesday, May 04, 2011

1974 Ads: CBGB

Once the CBGB ads started appearing in what seemed to be earnest, I was all like, "Great, I'll finally be able to collect enough of 'em to make a separate CBs post."  But after a small burst of them in the spring of '74, they petered out.  I can only surmise that Hilly Kristal had an extremely limited advertising budget, or he left most promo up to the bands themselves.  I always try to go over the issues with a fine-toothed comb, yet the only ads I managed to find later in the year were the two at the end, for a band I've never heard of before called the New Cat's Pajamas.  They were so tiny I very nearly missed them, so it's quite possible that a few other microscopic ads went under my radar--but I'm way too lazy to go back and check now.

3/28/74 issue.

4/11/74 issue.

4/11/74 issue.

4/18/74 issue.

4/25/74 issue.

5/2/74 issue.

5/9/74 issue.

5/9/74 issue.

6/6/74 issue.  There's a cool photo of the Dolls and the Stilettos on stage together at the Bacchus Rock Palace in Bob Gruen's New York Dolls: Photographs book...I'm assuming that's the same place as the rehearsal studio.

10/17/74 issue.

11/14/74 issue.

CB's 1974 Youtube clips, including Blondie and the Ramones.

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Saratoga Characters said...

Bacchus Rock Palace (the Stilletoes gig flyer, also the New York Dolls performed there) was actually located at 209 w. 48th St.