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1969 and 1970 Ads: Flashback, Part 2

4/17/69 issue:

Toronto shout-out.

"Riffs" column excerpt.  I recently got her book Trips: Rock Life in the Sixties, which I hope to get to once I'm done with Einarson's Arthur Lee bio.

I guess that's supposed to be an extreme Screamin' Jay closeup.

4/24/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.  For the life of me, I did not notice that the addresses for Cafe Wha and Unltd. were one and the same until I read this.

12/19/69 issue:

11/26/70 issue:

12/4/70 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc:

1/23/69:  "Scenes" has items about the Minetta Tavern's house artist Franz Kline, the Valerie Solanas trial, the filming of demonstrations, and nudity on album covers.  "Riffs" reviews Rhinoceros at the Scene and Earth Opera at the Cafe au Go Go, and also discusses the stereo vs. mono debate and service at local record shops.  There's also a review of the Quaker City Rock Festival in Philly and part of a series of articles on "Lookin' for Lightnin' [Hopkins]." (both links go to nearby ads).  Students of NYC socio-economic history might want to read this article on poverty in Brownsville.

2/27/69:  "Riffs" reviews Frank Zappa at the Fillmore, and the Moby Grape '69 and Kinks' Village Green albums (links to nearby ad).  There's also a report on the local swinger's scene (links to nearby ad), including an account of a party held at the Riverside Plaza Hotel (future home of Jerry Brandt's Erotic Circus). 

3/27/69: Christgau on blues-rock, and part of a series of articles on Bob Dylan's hometown.

4/17/69:  The Hibbing series continues with an interview with Dylan's teenage sweetheart Echo Helstrom"Riffs" reviews Nashville Skyline (and a show at the Cafe au Go Go, but I already reproduced it above).  "Scenes" as usual has a lot of good items, particularly one on Moondoog.  And two articles examine the contemporary state of hippiedom on the Haight and in the East Village (2nd link goes to a nearby ad).

4/24/69:  Dylan's brother David Zimmerman is interviewed in the Hibbing series.  Christgau on jazz-rock, "Scenes" on all sorts of cool stuff. 

12/19/69:  Meredith Hunter's funeral and other aspects of Altamont's aftermath"Scenes" discusses future perceptions on importance of Woodstock, and the Incredible String Band's commissioned rock opera.  "Riffs" reviews Nina Simone/Richie Havens/Isaac Hayes at the Fillmore, Terry Reid at Ungano's, and Eric Andersen at the Gaslight (links to nearby ad).

11/26/70:  "Riffs" reviews Elton John at the Fillmore and Jerry Lee Lewis' country stuff (links to nearby ad).  There's also a review of Virgil Fox's "Heavy Organ" show at the Fillmore, and a great review of the Groupies documentary.  "Scenes" has items on the Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band's new album and Eric Burdon and War's campaign to "Curb the Clap."  And there are great pieces on "New York's Erotica Explosion" and the changing demographics on the Bowery (links to nearby ad).  (Also a bit about my hometown.)

12/4/70: "Riffs" reviews Artie and Happy Traum at the Folklore Center and Fred McDowell and Bonnie Raitt at the Gaslight.  The Tompkins Square Community Center occupies the Christodora House on Ave. B without a lease. "Scenes" psychoanalyzes the John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band album.

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