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1975 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 1

1/6/75 issue:

Interesting review of his act (and Charles Pierce's, and general ruminations of the art of female impersonation) in the 2/24/75 issue.

1/13/75 issue:

All the Mother's ads I've found so far seem to be pre-Peter Crowley, but I'll keep collecting them anyway.

From a report on the St. Mark's Poetry Project New Year's Day marathon reading.

1/20/75 issue:

Another venture from the architect of the Action House.

1/27/75 issue:

Schmaltz by the bowlful...

What, no Carol Miller?

2/3/75 issue:

UPDATE 7/5/2011:  Mike Fornatale, my longtime Bomp buddy and go-to guy for historical NYC rock and roll matters, is 99 44/100% sure the N.F.E. folded before any of these could happen.  "They tried to call it the 'New Fillmore East' but Graham sued them immediately, before they even opened. They already had the NFE logo up above the marquee, and so they held a radio contest for people to pick a new name that 'NFE' might stand for. The 'winner' was 'No Free Entertainment.' Ugh."

I was just gonna grab the Ian's ad at first--then I noticed that bizarre futuristic gadget to the left.

2/10/75 issue:

And much, much more.

What happened to my piece of the cake? Gimme a break!

I apologize for posting a full article that has nothing to do with the local rock scene, but it couldn't be helped.  This is my high school in all but name--St. Francis Prep took over the building in the fall of 1974.  Things hadn't changed all that much by the time of my stint there in the '80s!  Printed beside it was an article about Hunter High School.  One of my sixth grade teachers really wanted me to take their entrance exam, but I was only 12 at the time and my folks were rather leery at the prospect of me riding the subway to the edge of East Harlem every day.  No worries--Hunter itself got me eventually--but sometimes I wonder how things might have turned out if I'd been a more brave soul, gotten in, and gone there.

"Scenes" excerpt.

2/17/75 issue:

And I thought Lady Gaga was only riffing (or ripping) off Madonna.

From an article entitled "The Midget as Metaphor."

2/24/75 issue:

This "c'mere kid, I'll make ya a star" school was featured in a lovely article called "Memories of a Showbiz Kid" in the 2/10/75 issue.

"Scenes" excerpt.

3/31/75 issue--unfortunately, this is the only March issue available at the moment:

What you doin' on your butt?

Poorly copy-edited "Riffs" excerpt.

If I only had more time and gumption, I'd go NUTS with the film ads, but I must restrain myself somewhere.

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