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1974 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 6

11/7/74 issue:

11/14/74 issue:

11/21/74 issue:

Not the body part she usually emphasized.

12/2/74 issue:

12/9/74 issue:

12/16/74 issue:

"Riffs" excerpt: Hi Wayne!

More from "Riffs."

12/23/74 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

12/30/74 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc (mainly just music stuff...I'm going through a bit too much Blogger-burnout at the moment to link to other interesting topics):

1/3/74: Notes on the Rock Concert by Geoffrey Stokes.

1/10/74: Dylan's opening night in Chicago, Report on London pubs and clubs, and a rundown on upcoming country shows.

2/7/74: Dylan and the Band at Madison Square Garden and Nassau Coliseum.

2/21/74: Murray the K leaves WNBC.

3/7/74: Black Sabbath at Nassau Coliseum, Todd Rundgren as the "Orson Welles of Rock." Geoffrey Stokes reviews Rock: A Book by Mike Jahn.

3/21/74: Aretha Franklin at the Apollo, Rock as propaganda by Geoffrey Stokes.

4/25/74:  Abbie Hoffman trial report.  (I think I forgot to link to the 9/6/73 report on the bust, which occurred at the Diplomat Hotel...of course, only NYC Dreamin' is as obsessed with that building as I am.)

5/23/74: Feast for a Beatlemaniac (shopping for Fab Four relics at the House of Oldies and Golden Disc), Dolls second album review.

5/30/74: Diane Keaton at Reno Sweeney.

6/27/74: Steeleye Span and Todd Rundgren with Utopia at Schaefer.

7/4/74: Bad vibes on Christopher St., Wolfman Jack leaves WNBC, Rock Notes on the Who.

8/8/74: Dave Mason and Bruce Springsteen/Anne Murray at Schaefer.

8/22/74: Commander Cody and New Riders of the Purple Sage at Schaefer, CSNY at Nassau Coliseum.

8/29/74: Brian Wilson's banal genius, Marvin Gaye at Nassau, Deadly Nightshade at Folk City, "Cheap Thrills" on posthumous Hendrix releases.

9/5/74: Funkadelic at the Apollo, Joni Mitchell at Nassau Coliseum.

9/12/74: Roosevelt Raceway "Summersault" concert (Joni Mitchell, CSNY, etc), Beatlefest '74 at the Hotel Commodore, Bad Company and Foghat at Schaefer, the Band at Nassau Coliseum.

10/24/74: Jefferson Starship and Todd Rundgren at Radio City.

11/7/74: David Bowie at Radio City.

11/14/74: "Scenes" on a possible Spoonful reunion, "Riffs" Sun Records essay, "Cheap Thrills" on Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.

11/21/74: Sgt. Pepper stage show at the Beacon.

12/9/74:  Spoonful reunion refuted by Sebastian, more on the Abbie Hoffman trial (there's more in 12/16 too).

12/23/74: Aretha Franklin at Radio City, Rory Gallagher at the Beacon.

12/30/74: "Scenes" on Motown choreographer Cholly Atkins.

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