Monday, June 27, 2011

1976 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 1

1/12/76 issue (previous week's ish was missing):

"Scoop" gossip column excerpts.

First Tramps ad I've found.  So far they've only been for cabaret acts but I'm collecting them anyway.

1/19/76 issue:

"Scoop" excerpt.  Sounds like a potential Altamont II to me--thank goodness it was a hoax.

More from "Scoop."

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

1/26/76 issue:

Did they ever have bands here, or just bewbies?  I seem to recall it mentioned as a rock club in a book or article somewhere, but so far the ads I've found for it only extol its titty-bar virtues.

Illustrations from a Christgau piece on the "rock-crit establishment."

2/2/76 issue:
The paper began publishing Robert Crumb's "Mr. Natural" comic in this issue.  This panel made me wonder about the etymology of "fanboy."  I don't recall hearing that term bandied about much until the '90s, so I was surprised to see it here.

Speaking of fanboys...I wonder if this article was reporting on the earliest known Trek-specific convention.

2/9/76 issue:

At first I thought the name of this store was "Bull," but as you'll see below I was mistaken.

"Scoops" excerpt.

2/16/76 issue:

"Scenes" excerpt.

"Scoops" excerpt.

2/23/76 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc.:

1/12/76: "Why They Hate the Village Gate" by Denis Hamill--a report on an attempt to shut it down.

2/9/76: Emmylou Harris feature by Geoffrey Stokes

2/16/76: "Kitsch Me Deadly" by Frank Rose--discusses KISS, Grand Funk Railroad, BTO, and ZZ Top.

2/23/76 "Scoop" column has an item entitled "Bowie Accused of Breach of Concept"...kinda reminds me of Bongwater's "David Bowie Needs Ideas."  Also, "Riffs" has a great R. Meltzer review of Redd Foxx's "You Gotta Wash Your Ass."

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