Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1975 Ads: Radio City Music Hall

After noting the number of Radio City ads in the '74 archive, I decided to start a separate post for them this time around...and then, naturally, fewer of them appeared in '75.

1/6/75 issue, from a photo spread entitled "Year of the Spectator."  My homies!  How come I never met a single Bowie fan while I was growing up there?

1/13/75 issue.

1/20/75 issue.

1/27/75 issue.

1/27/75 "Centerfold" section excerpt.

2/3/75 issue.

2/10/75 issue.

9/18/75 issue.

9/22/75 issue.

9/22/75 issue.

9/29/75 issue.

Reviews, articles, etc:

The Jackson Five, 2/17/75 feature article.

Ohio Players, Graham Central Station and P-Funk, 2/24/75 "Riffs" column.

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