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1975 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 4

8/4/75 issue:

8/11/75 issue:

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

8/18/75 issue:

"Riffs" photo.  Looking forward to the upcoming Tubes DVD.

8/25/75 issue.

What the--????  I imagine the troupe must have put out a cease and desist order on this joint.

9/1/75 issue:

9/8/75 issue:

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

Excerpt from a Greil Marcus article about girl groups--part of a special center section on music in this issue.

9/15/75 issue:

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

I think this came from the film section...some article about random promo parties or something.
9/22/75 issue:

"Centerfold" section excerpt.  Never knew about this phase in KTU's programming; I remember it best as a disco station, before K-Rock took it over.

9/29/75 issue:

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

Reviews, articles, etc.:

1/6/75: George Harrison at Nassau Coliseum.  "A Film Freak's Plea: Nationalize 42nd Street" by Mark Jacobson.

1/13/75: Feature on the Manhattan Transfer"Mayhem on the Gay Waterfront," an article about the rise of crime at "the trucks." This theme continues in the 1/20/75 issue with an article about a murder on Christopher Street.

1/27/75: Features on Clive Davis and female impersonators.

2/3/75: Frank Serpico's new life.  Wayne Robins on Led Zeppelin.

2/24/75:  Bob Guccione teaches a photography course at NYU.  And more on female impersonators.

3/31/75: "Scenes" discusses Kraftwerk and other Krautrock bands.

4/7/75: Diana Ross at Westchester Premier Theater.  Street harassment of women.  "Elvis Presley: Philosopher King" by Greil Marcus.

4/21/75: Trixie A. Balm on Suzi Quatro"The Dark Side of Bette Midler" by Richard Goldstein.

5/5/75: Orchestra Luna at the Little Hippodrome.

5/12/75: Sandy Gant's Dylan database in "Scenes."

5/19/75: "Scenes" reports on Relaxation Plus, a massage parlor catering to both men and women, operating inside the Commodore Hotel.

5/26/75: "Valley of the New York Dolls."

6/2/75: The Carpenters at Westchester Theater.  Feature on Roseann Scamardella.

6/9/75: Cocksucker Blues review.

6/16/75: Feature on David Mancuso's Loft (also discusses other discos of the day).  Mark Jacobson, "In Praise of Film Freaks." 

6/23/75: "Can the Stones Still Cut It?" by Karen Durbin--a report on their '75 tour.

6/30/75: "Bob Marley: The Jagger of Reggae"--reviews his shows at Schaefer and the Manhattan Center.  Christgau on the Stones in Toronto.  "Selling Gay to the Masses," a feature on the overexposure of gay culture in mainstream media.

7/7/75: Richard Goldstein on "S&M: The Dark Side of Gay Lib."  "Cousin Brucie Wants to be Mayor" by Mark Jacobson.

7/14/75:  Bob Dylan at a Folk jam at the Other End.

7/21/75:  "Inside the Disco Boom."

7/28/75: Feature on Gamble and Huff by Jamaica Kincaid.  "Is James Brown Obsolete?"

8/4/75:  Yes at Roosevelt Stadium, The Bee Gees at Schaefer.  Phil Ochs at Folk City. Pete Wingfield and Oingo Boingo mentioned in "Scenes."

8/11/75: Trixie A. Balm on cadging for concert tickets.

8/18/75: "Ready When You Are, Paisan"--the filming of Taxi Driver on 13th Street.  Isis at the Continental Baths.  James Wolcott on the nascent punk scene and CB's festival of unsigned bands.

8/25/75:  J. Geils Band at Schaefer.  "Why Klein's Died."

9/1/75:  The Faces at Roosevelt Stadium, Melanie at Schaefer.

9/8/75:  Trixie A. Balm on David Cassidy, Wayne Robins on the Bay City Rollers.  Special center section on music.

9/15/75:  "The Return of the Showbiz Gypsy: Life is a Cabaret," a profile on the cabaret scene. 

9/22/75:  Deadly Nightshade at the Other End.

9/29/75:  Tom Waits at Reno Sweeney.  "Scenes" piece on the American Theater of Magic, a "living museum of carnival Americana" at 45th and B'way.

NOTE:  Sorry for the lack of links...the archive was acting really slow as I was putting this post together and I got too frustrated and impatient to continue.  On to the Bicentennial Boogie of '76!

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