Friday, June 03, 2011

1975 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 3

6/2/75 issue:

This store was on 8th Street in my youth, then moved to 23rd Street in the '90s...unless I'm mistaken and there's no affiliation between them besides a coincidental name.

The boom box phenomenon.

6/9/75 issue:

According to later ads, they ended up rescheduling this to 7/25 due to rain.

6/16/75 issue:

6/23/75 issue:

6/30/75 issue:

7/7/75 issue:


UNIQUE!  It was a MAJOR shopping destination during my '80s adolescence.

I'll make a separate post for the resuscitated Max's if/when the ads start listing bands.

7/21/75 issue:

7/28/75 issue:

Seems like Belushi hadn't yet received a fateful call from Lorne Michaels by the time this profile was written.

This photo accompanying a profile on Gamble and Huff came out ridiculously dark, but you gotta love that desk.

Could they sense he was just on the cusp of megastardom within weeks?

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