Friday, June 04, 2010

1967 Ads: The Village Theater

Selected Village Theater ads, illustrating its eclectic booking policy. Voice issue dates and other pertinent info in the captions.

3/16/67 issue: Ornette Coleman Trio and the Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet, March 17--see a Billboard review here.

3/16/67 issue: Nina Simone, Miriam Makeba, and Flip Wilson, March 25.

3/30/67 issue: The Beers Family, April 22.

4/12/67 issue: Folk-rock concerts on April 14.

4/13/67 issue: Chuck Berry on April 28.

April 13, 20, & 27, 1967 issues: "An Evening with God" on May 13, one of Timothy Leary's regular events at the theater. I can make out the names of Dick Gregory, Rev. Malcolm Boyd, Dr. Harvey Cox, Len Chandler, and Paul Krassner.

4/27/67 issue, & reprinted in several others: Herbie Mann's "Impressions of the Middle East" show, June 3.

5/4/67 issue: Horace Silver Quintet, Morgana King, Ahmad Jamal Trio, May 27.

5/18/67 issue: WOR-FM Anniversary Concert, June 11.

6/29/67 issue: The Blues Project, the Who, and Richie Havens, "Plus After The 3rd World Raspberry," July 8. [Note the accompanying ad for the Young Rascals and Spanky & Our Gang at the Malibu Shore Club in Lido Beach, Long Island on July 3...the Who (on 7/7/67) and the Byrds and the Seeds (on 7/21/67) also did shows there put on by the same promoter, Don Friedman.]

7/20/67 issue: The Byrds, the Vanilla Fudge Conspiracy (interim name between the Pigeons and Vanilla Fudge), and the Seeds, July 22.

7/27/67 issue: Janis Ian and the Grass Roots, July 28.

7/27/67 issue: James Baldwin and Richie Havens, August 24.

8/10/67 issue: James Baldwin lecture/Havens concert on August 24 is fleshed out with Ossie Davis, Dick Davy, and the Frank Mitchell Quintet.

8/17/67: More attractions added to the Baldwin lecture.

8/17/67 issue: "New Stars in '67" Show, August 26.

8/17/67 isue: The Yardbirds, the Youngbloods, and Jake Holmes, August 25.

August 24 & 31, 1967 issues: Mitch Ryder, Vanilla Fudge, and the Illusions, September 2.

8/31/67 issue: The Doors, the Vagrants, and the Chambers Brothers, September 9.

9/7/67 issue: Oops! Looks like the Chambers Brothers cancelled and Tim Rose stepped in.

9/21/67 issue: Mixed jazz and folk program, October 15.

10/12/67 issue: Further details on this "October Breakout."

10/12/67 issue: Otis Redding and Carla Thomas, October 20 & 21.

10/26/67 issue: The Yardbirds and Vanilla Fudge, November 3.

11/9/67 issue: Moby Grape, November 11.

11/9/67 issue (and the previous week's): Buck Owens & the Buckaroos, Wynn Stewart, Tommy Collins, and Rose Maddox, November 12. Here's a review of the show from Billboard.

11/16/67 issue: Charles Lloyd Quartet, November 18.

11/16/67 issue: The Who, the Vagrants, and the Rich Kids, November 25 &26.

11/23/67 issue: Moby Grape, the Druids of Stonehenge, Charles O'Hegarty, and Kingdom Come, November 23 & 24.

11/23/67: Slightly different graphics for the Who ad.

12/21/67 issue: The Grateful Dead and Take Five, December 26 and 27.

UPDATE 11/14/2011:  Please see the improved and revised 1967 Village Theater ads post here.


Corry342 said...

An amazing chronicle.

August 25, 1967 Yardbirds/Youngbloods/Jake Holmes
The Yardbirds, particularly Jimmy Page, were so taken with the Jake Holmes song "I'm Confused" that they went to a local record store and bought the album. They learned the song and recorded it on the Yardbirds 1968 live album, and--as we know--it evolved into Led Zeppelin's "Dazed And Confused."

Corry342 said...

December 26/27, 1967
Grateful Dead/Take 5
It snowed on at least one of the nights, and due to holes in the ceiling snow was actually falling onto the stage.

Signed D.C. said...

There's a word for that...Page-iarism!

Didn't know about the holes in the roof! I've read "Bill Graham Presents" and that book with all the Amalie Rothschild photos, but I can't recall whether Graham fixed such issues when he took over.