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1967 Ads: Steve Paul's The Scene, Part 1

Selected Voice ads for Steve Paul's the Scene, January through June, 1967. Issue dates and other pertinent info (when hard to read in the ads themselves) are in the captions.


1/5 and 1/12/67 issues. Text is much clearer in the poster above, via.

1/19, 1/25, and 2/2/67 issues
The Blues Project (January 21-February 4)
Tim Hardin with an electric group (February 6-March 4)
Also "the incredible Tiny Tim, Skipper's Scary Karate Show, Me, whatever."

2/9 and 2/16/67 issues
Tim Hardin, Jeremy Steig, February 6-March 4.

2/23/67 issue
The Youngbloods and the Free Spirits, "thru March 4."

3/9/67 issue
The Mandala (March 6 through April 7)
The Young Rascals (March 14 I think)
Eric Andersen (March 20-April 1).

3/16/67 issue (also repeated 3/23 and 3/30)

4/20/67 issue
The Siegel-Schwall Blues Band (thru April 22)
The Chambers Brothers (May 5-May 11)
Keith (May 3)
Tommy James & the Shondells (April 23)
The Mandala (April 25-May 4)
Tiny Tim and jam sessions nightly.

4/27/67 issue: The Mandala, the Chambers Brothers, Keith, as above.

5/4/67 issue: The Chambers Brothers (May 5-11)

5/10/67 issue: Diana Brooks & the Soul Searchers and Three's a Crowd, opening May 15.

5/18/67 issue
Dianne Brooks & Eric Mercury & the Soul Searchers, Three's a Crowd (May 17-21)
The Chambers Brothers ("Back by popular demand, good taste and common sense," May 22-June 3)
Tiny Tim (365 nights a year)
The Doors (opening June 12)
"Coming Soon: Scene East in Delmonico Hotel, Park Ave. & 59th Street."

5/25/67 issue, should be pretty readable.

6/8/67 issue
The Jon Lee Group ("Direct from Canada," thru June 11)
The Mandala (June 7)
Laura Nyro (June 7)
Moby Grape (June 8-10)
The Doors (June 12-July 2)

"Now open in Delmonico Hotel, Park Ave & 59th Street, SCENE EAST. Serenity of Park Avenue. Uninhibited dancing to the livest groups. Tiny Tim here, too. Eclectic Ambiance of Rudi Stern & Jackie Cassen. Photographic exhibit of Dylan by Dan Kramer. No Admission, No cover."

6/15/67 issue:
The Doors (thru July 2, except for June 16-18 when they played the Action House).
"Appearing with the Doors nightly for a completely flipped out evening: The Free Spirits and Dianne Brooks/Eric Mercury with the Soul Searchers."
The Seeds, July 3-16, "Direct from L.A., First time in N.Y."
Moby Grape, "returning after the Seeds."

6/22/67 issue.
Doors/Free Spirits/Soul Searchers as above
The Seeds (July 3-July 16)
Moby Grape, returning after the Seeds
The Mandala (July 18)
Keith (July 30--he must have not done the May date advertised above, for this is being called his "N.Y. debut.")

At Scene East, "Coming July 4 thru July 9, Direct from S. Francisco, NY Debut: Peanut Butter Conspiracy."

6/29/67 issue
Doors & Seeds as above, but no mention of Moby Grape.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience (July 3-4, "Direct from England, New York Debut."
Keith (July 30)

At Scene East, "Direct from California, N.Y. debut of an unusually exciting & creatively significant new group, the Clear Light." No dates given.

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