Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well it's 1969, OK?

Countdown: Two days 'til free Stoogemania...and just a mere few hours to free X! I'm still knee-deep in the '69 Voice archives, but I wanted to give a little taste of what's to come. Yesterday in the 6/5/69 issue, I came across a personal sort-of holy grail--lineups for the Singer Bowl and N.Y. Pavilion that summer!

Singer Bowl:
7/13/69: Ten Years After, the Jeff Beck Group, Ten Years After, Teegarden and Van Winkle.
8/2/69: Steppenwolf, "Top English Band" (TBA), the Moody Blues, NRBQ.
8/10/69: Israeli Festival
8/16/69: Folk Festival with Tim Hardin, the Incredible String Band, Odetta, Tom Paxton, etc.
8/22/69: Festa Italiana
8/23/69: The Chambers Brothers
8/30/69: "Guitar Virtuoso Show" with Led Zeppelin, "2nd Top Group," Buddy Guy, Larry Coryell.
8/31/69: James Brown.

The Pavilion:
July 11-12, 1969: Grateful Dead, Joe Cocker & the Grease Band, Tribe.
July 18-19, 1969: Chuck Berry, James Cotton Blues Band, Duke Edwards Cycle.
July 25-26, 1969: Three Dog Night, Fleetwood Mac, Sea Train.
August 1-2, 1969: Rhinoceros, the Nice, Spooky Tooth.
August 8-9, 1969: Buddy Miles Express, Pacific Gas & Electric, Santana
August 15-16, 1969: Savoy Brown Blues Band, the Sir Douglas Quintet, Charlie Musselwhite
August 22-23, 1969: Albert King, AUM.
August 29-30, 1969: Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Muddy Waters, Raven.

This isn't complete--some dates are listed as TBA, and I KNOW there was a Stooges/MC5 show stuck in there at some point--so I'll keep my eyes peeled for revised versions of the ad throughout that summer's issues. Still, I was so stoked to find this that I had to make a premature share!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely saw Led Zeppelin at the pavilion in 69 or 70. The floor featured a mosaic map of New York State. I was standing on Bethel, New York which had recently been enshrined in the hippie hall of fame. Believe it or not, I think Larry Coryell opened for Zeppelin

Thomas Messina said...

I was at a show at the Pavilion around 69,70 Zeppelin shared the bill with the Chambers Brothers for sure , I only saw those bands once, on the same bill at the Pavilion. Yours truly T. Messina