Friday, September 16, 2011

1978 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 2

3/6/78 issue:

3/13/78 issue:

3/20/78 issue:

3/27/78 issue:

4/3/78 issue:

4/10/78 issue:

They hadn't yet switched to an all-New Wave format...

...and they hadn't yet switched to an all-Disco format.

4/17/78 issue:

4/24/78 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt--could this be the media's earliest notice of the Bettie Page revival?

First Club 57 ad I found.  I'll make a separate post for the club if I see more.

Reviews, articles, etc:

3/6/2011 issue:  Profiles on Warren Zevon and Jill Clayburgh.

3/13/2011 issue:  "Scenes" discusses a Beatles comic book, while "Riffs" has reviews on Blondie's Plastic Letters and a Willie "Loco" Alexander e.p.

3/20/2011 issue:  "Scenes" on the Rutles, American Hot Wax article, review of Lou Reed's Street Hassle.

3/27/2011 issue: James Wolcott and R. Meltzer on the Rutles, "Scenes" on Terry Woodford's music industry course at the University of North Alabama, Ellen Willis' "Beginning to See the Light," Lester Bangs on Joe Ely at the Other End and Delbert McClinton at the Lone Star, Guy Trebay on the Village People at Hurrah, John Cazale obit.

4/3/78 issue:  Lester Bangs on Eno, Arthur Bell on Fran Lebowitz.

4/10/78 issue:  "Scenes" discusses Thor, "the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the New Wave." (As far as I know he's still at it; a few years ago at an Evaporators show at the Horseshoe Tavern, I witnessed him blow up a hot water bottle until it exploded.)  Plus John Belknap's "I Am Not Joe Cool," which should probably be read by anyone who's ever been through a band break-up.

4/17/78 issue:  There's a special section on regional music scenes, including a piece on Ohio punk/new wave bands.  "Riffs" has Bob Marley and Ian Dury album reviews.

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The bogus man said...

Thanks so much for sharing all this musical ephemera and history. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I know from personal experience that doing this sort of thing can be immensely time consuming. So many fascinating snippets of history here. Wish I had grown up in NY instead of London. And secondly I wish I had a time machine!