Thursday, September 08, 2011

1978 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 1

1/2/78 issue:

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

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1/9/78 issue:

Excerpt from a long Christgau piece on British punk--see link below.

1/16/78 issue:

1/23/78 issue:

1/30/78 issue:

2/6/78 issue:

2/13/78 issue:

2/20/78 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

2/27/78 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc:

1/2/78 issue:  Mark Jacobson's cross-country trip.

1/9/78 issue:  Christgau on British punk, Charlie Chaplin obit, new Second Avenue theater scene.

1/16/78 issue:  Christgau on the Pistols' first U.S. show.

1/23/78 issue:  Arthur Bell on asexuality as a lifestyle choice (he talks to Frank Langella, Teri Garr, Steve Rubell, and Stiv Bators!), Bette Midler at the Copa, BOC at Nassau Coliseum.

1/30/78 issue:  "Scenes" discusses NBC's "First Annual Rock and Roll Sports Classic," Martin Guitar workers strike, commentary on Dylan's Renaldo and Clara, Suicide record review.

2/6/78 issue: Mark Jacobson's "The Visiting Nurse Leaves the Lower East Side," Mark Alan Stamaty Times Square illustration.

2/13/78 issue:  Robert Fripp at the Kitchen.

2/20/78 issue:  Profile on Plastic People of the Universe, "Scenes" on the latest altercation between Dylan and Weberman, Lester Bangs on reggae, Christgau on Randy Newman.


tom farrell said...

First ad I saw for "Rockland College Arena".It's a community college I attended for a year. My high school is right down the street. I knew they used to have concerts in the gym, but they weren't common. Someone told me they saw Linda Ronstadt throw up on stage there. I also recall hearing Billy Joel played there. I'm curious to see if ads pop up announcing those gigs in a future issue of the Voice. Thanks,Deena.

Anonymous said...

I saw both Ronstadt and Billy Joel there. She didn't puke. She walked off and never came back.