Friday, September 02, 2011

1977 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 3

Sorry for the delay, I was away for a while.

10/17/77 issue:

The Annie Hall look.

I should have probably given the Lone Star its own post...think I'll do that next time around.

10/24/77 issue.

"Centerfold" section illustration.

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

10/31/77 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

11/7/77 issue:

"Scenes" excerpt.  I remember seeing a feature about them on "Real People" way back when.

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

11/14/77 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

11/21/77 issue.

11/28/77 issue:

12/5/77 issue:

"Voice Choices" excerpt.

12/12/77 issue:

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

Oops...shoulda put this in the Bottom Line folder.

12/19/77 issue:

12/26/77 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc:

10/17/77 issue: Mark Jacobson's "Terror on the N Train," the Rutles and more on swing clubs in "Scenes," Dwight Twilley at the Roxy in L.A.

10/24/77 issue: "Scenes" covers more new swing clubs, special section on punk, Lester Bangs on the Dead Boys, Weegee exhibit review.

11/7/77 issue: Elvis post-mortem results.

11/14/77 issue: Mark Jacobson's "Sleaze-Out on E. 14th Street," Ronnie Van Zant obit by Christgau.

11/21/77 issue: Still more on sex clubs in "Scenes," James Wolcott reviews Never Mind the Bollocks.

11/28/77 issue: "Sex with the Proper Swinger" by Michael Tolkin.

12/5/77 issue: Georgia Christgau on the Roseland Women's Lib Dance, densely detailed Greenwich Village illustration in the "Centerfold" section.

12/12/77 issue: The rise of angel dust use, The Gong Show, Blair Sabol on punk style in Paris, Greil Marcus on Rocket to Russia.

12/19/77 issue:  "Scenes" on the Midnight Interlude swing club, John Travolta on the cusp of megastardom.

12/26/77 issue:  Ed Sanders on 1967 and the Peace Eye Bookstore (links to a nearby ad), Mel Brooks profile, review of Saturday Night Fever.

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