Tuesday, March 01, 2011

1973 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 2

5/3/73 issue.

5/3/73 "Riffs" column excerpt.

5/10/73 issue:

5/17/73 issue:

5/24/73 issue:

5/31/73 issue:

6/7/73 issue:

I can't remember if this was a "Riffs" or a "Cheap Thrills" excerpt.

6/14/73 issue.

6/21/73 issue:

6/28/73 issue.

7/5/73 issue:

7/12/73 issue:

7/19/73 issue:

I guess this would be Binky Philips' band?  I think I saw a similar ad in an earlier issue, but since it was printed closer to the classical music section I mistook it for an ad for a performance of Holst's The Planets--d'oh!

7/26/73 issue:
Live music at the Automat???

When they say "hardest to find," are they referring to the store's location or the items within it?

8/2/73 issue:

A Queens Indian restaurant run by followers of Sri Chinmoy--I think it's still in operation.

Not sure who these guys are, but they looked pretty glittery to me.

8/9/73 issue:

"Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, Raceway Park!" [Cue the opening riff to Mitch Ryder's rendition of "Rock and Roll"...]

8/16/73 issue:

Marketing credit cards to teens is nothing new.

8/23/73 issue:

I remember there was a radio station building on Horace Harding, but I cannot recall the exact location or the call letters.  I wonder if this joint was adjacent to it.  The address now houses a Gujarati community center.

8/30/73 issue:

Is that a band or a stipper?  Coincidentally, the 7/26/73 issue had an article about some "Miss Nude" type contest which discussed one ill-fated contestant in particular, "Lee Bonny Bakley."

One of my Dad's fave hangouts, but I don't think he ever sported one of these shirts.

Reviews, articles, etc:
The Faces at Nassau Coliseum, 5/17/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).
"The Hand That Rocks the Craven," article on all-woman bands, 5/24/73 issue.
Carole King at Central Park, 6/7/73 "Riffs" column. 
The 6/7/73 "Cheap Thrills" column deals with the rock and roll revival scene and its chief promoter, Richard Nader.  In the following week's issue, a member of Sha Na Na writes eloquently on the oldies. 
The Blues Project at the Schaefer Music Fest, 6/28/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).
Watkins Glen reports, 8/2/73 and and 8/9/73 issues.
"The Flasher" at the Beacon, 8/30/73 "Cheap Thrills" column.


Anonymous said...

hi! i really enjoy your blog! great stuff! ruined by an ad for Strand Books! i'm trying to forget about that place...i'm not gonna publish my name for fear of being followed by the strand's millions of ex-workers...keep up the good work!!!!

Ken said...

Wow! What memories! I saw several of these acts at Kent State University in the late 60's and early 70's, and some of these bands are still out there!