Monday, March 28, 2011

1974 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 1

I'm going to try uploading these ads in segments of two months' worth at a time.  Not only will this get the ads out to youse sooner, but hopefully it might help keep the Blogger photo uploader from going haywire on me, as it tends to do when confronted with an over-abundance of images.

1/3/74 issue:

1/10/74 issue:

1/17/74 issue:

As the "Scenes" column put it, this was kind of a Screw for feminists.

1/24/74 issue:

1/31/74 issue:

1/31/74 "Riffs" excerpt.

2/7/74 issue:

2/7/74 "Scenes" sidebar.

2/14/74 issue:

2/14/74 "Scenes" excerpt.

If only the Wayland & Madame picture wasn't so damn dark...

2/21/74 issue:

2/21/74 "Scenes" excerpt.

2/28/74 issue:

Upcoming dates for Atlantic-affiliated artists.

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