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1973 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 3

News flash: Da Capo Press is putting out Ed Sanders' '60s memoirs, entitled Fug You, in June!  Details and much more in a new interview with him at  Also check out a fab Facebook group I've just discovered, NY Rocks.  It's run by a fellow NYC expatriate to Canada--one who, unlike me, was actually there for most of this stuff!!!

Oops!  This was from the 2/1/73 issue but I missed it on my first go 'round. 

9/6/73 issue:

I'm no platform shoe fetishist, but I like this commercial artist's ultra-glam style.

Bonny Jugs?  Is that a band or an ecdysiast?

9/13/73 issue:

I really should have given Kenny's Castaways its own post, but I wasn't expecting their listings to be as interesting as they ended up being. 

9/20/73 issue.

9/27/73 issue:

10/4/73 issue.

10/11/73 issue.

10/18/73 issue.

10/25/73 issue.

11/1/73 issue.

Re-creation of a vintage cabaret.  You may recall that the original location of the Blue Angel (at 152 E. 55th) became the Phone Booth in the mid-'60s. 

This is the first time I've ever seen him without facial hair.

Go Rimbaud.

11/8/73 issue.

One of my Pops' fave raves.

11/15/73 issue.

11/22/73 issue:

11/29/73 issue:

12/6/73 issue:

12/13/73 issue:

ISTR reading that Tom Verlaine, Richard Hell, and Patti Smith worked here.

12/20/73 issue:

12/27/73 issue:

Film ads are a whole 'nother realm entirely.  I love them and I would copy more of them, but the music ads are overwhelming enough as it is.  Had to give some props to the Elgin though.

Reviews, articles, etc.:

Miles Davis at Villageast, 1/8/73 "Cheap Thrills" column.

David Bowie at Radio City, 2/22/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).

Pink Floyd at Radio City, 3/22/73 "Riffs" column.

New York Dolls and the Harlots at Kenny's Castaways, 4/12/73 "Cheap Thrills" column.

The Faces at Nassau Coliseum, 5/17/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).

Carole King at Central Park, 6/7/73 "Riffs" column.

Blues Project at Schaefer Music Fest, 6/28/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby article).

BOC at Schaefer, 7/26/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).

Detroit at Kenny's Castaways, 8/16/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).

Tom Rapp and at Kenny's, 9/13/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).

The Pointer Sisters at Roseland and Monday talent audition nights at Reno Sweeney, 9/20/73 "Riffs" column.

Roosevelt Sykes at Kenny's, 9/27/73 "Riffs" column; also includes reviews for Elton John at MSG and Peter Allen at Reno Sweeney.

BOC and Slade at the Capitol Theatre, 10/4/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).

Willie Dixon at Kenny's, 10/18/73 "Riffs" column (links to a Bette Midler ad on the next page--closest I could get to it!).

Holly Woodlawn at Reno Sweeney, 10/25 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).

Yoko Ono at Kenny's and Mott the Hoople at Radio City, 1/11/73 "Riffs" column.

Al Green at the Apollo, 11/15/73 "Riffs" column.

Bette Midler at the Palace, 12/13/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).

Luther Allison at Kenny's, 12/27/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).

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