Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1973 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 1

I'm going to do things a little differently this time and post the miscellaneous items first. 

The perfect soundtrack for Voice ad perusal? Vintage airchecks on the New York Radio Archive.  I only wish they had a few from WPIX-FM.

1/4/73 issue:

1/11/73 issue:

1/11/73 "Scenes" column.

I'm only a third of the way through the '73 issues, but so far this and the Jan 4 ad are the only Villageast ads I've seen.

1/18/72 issue:

1/18/73 "Riffs" column.

1/25/73 issue:

2/1/73 issue:

2/8/73 issue:

Around this time the folks behind Bananafish Park started presenting shows at the Loew's 46th Street Theatre, a.k.a. the Brooklyn 46th Street Rock Palace. The 3/29/73 "Cheap Thrills" column discusses a New Riders of the Purple Sage/Jerry Lee Lewis concert held there, which was filmed for ABC In Concert.
UPDATE 5/22/2012: The After the Final Curtain blog recently did a post about Loew's 46th Street Theatre.

Review in the 2/22/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).  Also check out Binky Philips' account here, and more Voice Bowie ruminations in the 3/1/73 issue (links to nearby ad).  Apparently Pink Floyd also did a show at Radio City around this time, but I didn't come across an ad for it.

2/15/73 issue:

Review in the 2/22/73 "Riffs" column (links to nearby ad).

2/22/73 issue:

3/1/73 issue:

3/8/73 issue:

3/8/73 "Cheap Thrills" column.

I ate and drank here quite often in my college days.  My friend Michelle always insisted it should be pronounced "Pheeb's," while the rest of us adamantly insisted it was more like "Phoebe's"...but nowadays whenever I see this place mentioned I tend to think that Michelle was right.

3/15/73 issue:

3/15/73 "Scenes" column.  Until well into the late '70s, we had an eggman come to our house--which I always found super-weird and old-fashioned, considering that I never saw a milkman make deliveries to the nabe and we could get eggs at the store just as easily as we could milk.  Needless to say, the eggman is my fave character in "Pink Flamingos."

3/22/73 issue.

I think that's Cyrinda Foxe in the middle.

3/29/72 issue:
Bought a lot of my career wardrobe at this store, though I had the best luck at the W. 57th Street location.

4/5/73 issue:

4/12/73 issue:

4/12/73 "Scenes" column.  Check out full scans of Star here.

4/19/72 issue:

4/19/73 "Riffs" column.

4/26/73 issue:


LFrontier said...

Thanks for the A.D.D. walk down memory lane! Loved to see the club listings even if I didn't love the bands so much, then or now. More Rodney's clippings, please.

Paulo said...

Thank you so very much for sharing all this. A fantastic blog.