Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1971 Ads: Slight Return, Part 2

12/16/71 issue:

Yep, you bet I had to check if this was Jim "People Who Died" Carroll...nuh-uh.

Reviews, etc:
Christgau on the Grateful Dead at the Felt Forum.
"Riffs" column (links to nearby ad) with reviews on the same Dead show, Alice Cooper/Dr. John at the Academy, Pentangle at Carnegie Hall, and others.

12/23/71 issue:

This ad was one of my holy grails.  The soundtrack, including a couple of stellar post-Left Banke tunes released under Steve Martin's name, has survived better than the movie has. Tom Finn wasn't even sure if the flick was ever shown, but apparently it had at least a two-week run (ad was also in the 12/30 issue). 

Reviews, etc:
Canned Heat at the Beacon.
Carly Simon at the Bitter End.

12/30/71 issue:

Can you spot the name that excited me most in this grouping?

Oddly enough, I was just watching some '60s "Swingin' Time" clips of him with the Pack last night.

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