Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Positively Oblivious to 50th Street

Remember that Cafe Wha? video I posted a couple days ago?  Turns out it's part of a series of articles and other stuff the Village Voice has been publishing lately in honor of the golden anniversary of Bob Dylan's arrival in NYC.  The Voice used to be part of my regular weekly site-trolling, but with so much other internet stuff to read (and infinitely more of it proliferating EVERY DAY) I fell out of the VV habit.  I got the skinny about it from Dangerous Minds, but you can see more articles directly at the Voice site.

UPDATE: All four "Dylan in New York" vids in one 13-minute chunk:

And via the comments section on one of the Voice vids, I found the YT channel of a certain Dylanologist who once worked at the Cafe Wha?:

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