Friday, October 08, 2010

1971 Ads: Ungano's and Ungano's Ritz Theatre

Selected 1971 Voice ads for Ungano's and Ungano's Ritz Theatre in Staten Island.

1/7/71 issue.

1/14/71 issue.

1/21/71 issue.

1/21/71 issue.

1/28/71 issue.

2/4/71 issue.

2/11/71 issue.

2/18/71 issue.  Dust included Marc Bell on know him better as Marky Ramone.

3/4/71 issue.

3/11/71 issue.

3/18/71 issue.

3/18/71 issue.

4/1/71 issue.

4/8/71 issue.  When ads for the original Ungano's ceased, these ads appeared.  I have no idea if this club was affiliated with Ungano's, but I couldn't help noticing the "best wishes" note at the bottom.

4/15/71 issue.

4/29/71 issue.

5/6/71 issue.

5/6/71 issue.  First ad for the Ritz, and oddly enough it appeared in the theater section.

5/13/71 issue.

5/13/71 issue.  Now placed among the usual music reviews/club and concert ads pages.

5/20/71 issue.

5/27/71 issue.

6/3/71 issue.

6/10/71 issue.

6/17/71 issue.

6/24/71 issue.

7/1/71 issue.

7/8/71 issue.

7/15/71 issue.

7/15/71 issue.

7/22/71 issue.

7/29/71 issue.

8/5/71 issue.

8/12/71 issue.

8/19/71 issue.  (The 8/26/71 "Riffs" column had a review of the Procol Harum show, but that issue has been removed from the archive.  The Ritz ad from that issue was missing as well--may have gotten cut off during the microfilming process.)

9/9/71 issue.

9/16/71 issue.

9/23/71 issue.

9/30/71 issue.

11/11/71 issue.

11/18/71 issue.

11/25/71 issue.

12/2/71 issue.

12/9/71 issue.


Corry342 said...

Check out the bill at The Ritz for September 25, 1971, in the September 23 issue: Bloodrock/Mandrill/MC5. Boy, that would cover the bases, wouldn't it?

I'm sure the fan bases of all three groups got along well, too, as they enjoyed the warm Summer breeze of the Island of Staten. Kumbaya.

NYCDreamin said...

In the Crawdaddy ad from the 04/08/71 issue: The band Chelsea (listed as "Decca Recording Artists") was a band Peter Criss was at that time. A bit more info on their LP can be found here:

Unknown said...

I attended the 9/25/71 show. My friends and I were there to see the MC5, whose East Coast appearances were quite rare by then (they were never easy to catch on this coast). Bloodrock cancelled, so Mandrill headlined, which finds me mildly shaking my head even now. Unfortunately, the Five were well into their downward spiral by this time, and their set was, sorry to say, rather indifferent and perfunctory save the occasional flash of stagecraft: Wayne Kramer's leaps, spins and splits come to mind. Actually, I'm making their performance sound more energetic than it actually was. But I WAS there.